How to Know Bra Size: Calculator, Chart, and More

How to Know Bra Size

How to Know Bra Size

It’s an interesting question customers ask us daily because bra sizing and fitting can be tricky for beginners. However, we can decode it for you, making bra sizing and fitting simple and easy to understand. If you are among the 80% of people who wear bras in random sizes, this blog will help you understand ‘how to know bra size?’ and find the perfect one. Trust me, you don’t need to be a math expert to do the calculations!

How to Know Your Bra Size?

How to Know Your Bra Size?

There are many simple ways to know your bra size:

  1. Use a bra size chart to find your sizes.
  2. Use a bra size calculator to calculate your sizes.
  3. Use the band and cup size calculations used by experts.

Whatever method you choose, you’ll get the perfect size. Shall we try that?

Before proceeding with the bra sizes, you need to know your overbust and underbust measurements.

How to Measure Your Overbust and Underbust Size?

Bra Measurement

You’ll need a measuring tape to find your sizes. Wear a lightly padded or non-padded bra when you measure your bust size.

Hold the tape around your torso, right below your bra band, and note down the measurement in inches. That’s your underbust size.

Wrap the tape around the widest part of your chest at the apex (passing through the nipples) and note down the measurement in inches. That’s your overbust size.

With these two measurements, we’ll help you find your bra size, which comprises a band size in inches and a cup size in alphabets.

Let’s take an example of the following measurements:

Underbust size: 36

Overbust size: 42

1. How to Know Bra Size Using a Bra Size Chart?

Size Chart

Using a bra size chart is the easiest way to find your bra size. Locate your measurements (underbust and overbust) on the size chart to determine your bra size.

In the above example, the bra size is 40B based on the size chart. Let’s use the calculator now.

2. Knowing Your Bra Size Using a Calculator

You need to convert inches to centimeters to use a bra size calculator. You can use Google Converter for this.

So, 36 inches = 91.44 centimetres and 42 inches = 106.68 centimeters. You can round off the values for underbust and overbust measurements to 91 and 106, respectively. Enter the values in the calculator, and it will provide the bra size, similar to the image below.

Bra Size Chart

You might see 40B and 40C bra sizes. Both the sizes are correct. As mentioned earlier, bra sizes can be tricky and vary from brand to brand.

3. Use the Inch Calculation to Know Your Bra Size

Experts use the inch formula to define bra and cup sizes, which is explained clearly in the blog “What Does a Bra Cup Size Mean.”

In our example, the underbust size is 36 inches, so we add 4 to it (if it’s an odd number, we add 5). This gives you 40 inches, which is your final band size.

Now, we must use a formula to find the cup size: Bust size – Final band size = Cup size.

42 inches – 40 inches = 2 inches.

The two-inch difference is denoted by the letter B, and hence the bra size is 40B.

4. Talk to Lingerie Fitting Experts

If you have difficulties finding bra sizes or want to have a fit check done, you can always consult a lingerie fitting expert who can help you with your sizing. You can visit them offline or consult them online for assistance.

We hope you are now aware of how to know your bra size. We’d recommend you use a bra size calculator or bra size chart to know your sizes because they are always accurate and brand-specific.

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