What Is a Bra Cup Size and How to Measure It?

What does a Bra Cup Size Mean?

What does a Bra Cup Size Mean?

Hey friends!!! Thank you for taking the time to read this blog. Do you know all the parts of the bra you wear? The centre gore, cups, bands, straps, hook-and-eye closure, and back wings are the different parts of a bra. In this blog, we will focus on the “bra cup” and its size. Before we delve deeper into the cups and their sizes, let’s first understand the functions of the bra cup, one of the most important parts of a bra. Later, we will take a look at the bra cup size.

Cups of a Bra - For Finding Bra Cup Size

The Cups of a Bra

You might be familiar with the cups of your bra. If not, we will help you understand where exactly the cups are placed.

The cups are the front parts of a bra that cover and support your breasts. They encase the breasts and hold them in place.

If your bra cups are too loose, your breasts might sag. However, if the cups are too tight, they may leave red marks on your skin. Therefore, it’s essential to know your correct cup size before buying a new bra, whether it is an everyday bra, push-up bra, or plunge bra. Finding your correct cup size is one of the steps to ensuring your bra fits you properly.

The Bra Cup Size

The bra cup size represents the volume of your bust. We usually denote the cup sizes of a bra with the letters, A, B, C, and so on. As the letters increase from A to D, the cup size also increases.

How to Find the Correct Cup Size?

To determine the exact bra cup size, follow the steps below.

Measure Your Bust Size

  1. Wear a non-padded bra.
  2. Stand up straight. Wrap a measuring tape around the fullest part of your bust.
  3. Note down the measurement in inches. This is your bust size.

Measure Your Original Band Size

  1. Wear a non-padded bra.
  2. Stand up straight. Wrap a measuring tape around your torso.
  3. Note down the measurement in inches. This is your original band size.

Calculate Your Final Band Size

Now, to arrive at the final band size, you must add some inches to the original band size you have noted. You may wonder why you need to do that. Wait! We will put your mind at ease by answering your question!

At times, women find their bra bands getting tighter as the day progresses. At the end of the day, the bra band becomes the tightest. But if you add some inches to the original band size, the bra you buy will not be too tight and will rest comfortably around your ribcage. This is the reason why we added some inches to the original band size.

Therefore, if the original band size is an even number, add 4 inches to it. In case it’s an odd number, add 5 inches to it. By doing this, you will get your final band size as an even number. (You might have noticed in lingerie stores that the bra band sizes are always denoted by even numbers.) For example, consider your original band size of 32 inches. Since 32 is an even number, add 4 to it. This will give you 36 inches, which is the final band size.

Now, let’s arrive at the correct cup size using the bust size and the final band size.

Calculate Your Cup Size Using the Bust and Final Band Sizes

Use this formula to find out your accurate cup size!

Bust Size – Final Band Size = Cup Size 

Consider the final band size of 36 inches, as stated in the above section. Assume your bust size to be 38 inches. Using the formula, you will get 38 inches – 36 inches = 2 inches. “2 inches” is represented by the letter “B.” Therefore, B is your cup size!

Yes, you guessed it right! In case the difference between the bust and the final band size is “1 inch,” it is represented by “A.” Similarly, if the difference is 3 inches, the cup size is represented by “C,” and so on.

I hope you’ve now gotten the hang of calculating the correct bra cup size! We have provided a table below, containing the bra cup sizes, for your reference.

Difference Between Bust Size and Final Band SizeCup Size

Bra Cup Size and Fit Must Be Correct

At times, a bra of the correct cup size might not fit you properly. One of the main reasons for an improper fit is the technique you use to wear your bra. Take a look at the scoop, swoop, and split bra fitting technique to wear your bra properly and get the best fit.

Right Bra Cup Size Gives a Flattering Look

Pick a Bra in the Right Cup Size and Look Flattering!

Now that you know what is meant by a bra cup size and how to measure it, you can shop for a suitable bra of that size. The bra you wear can make or break your look. So, choose wisely and look flattering in a bra of the correct cup size.

And, don‘t forget to use a bra laundry bag to keep all your bras safe!

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