Why Your Bra Underwire Keeps Poking Out?

Why Does Your Bra Underwire Keep Poking Out? – Reasons To Know

Why Does Your Bra Underwire Keep Poking Out? – Reasons To Know

Struggling with ill-fitted bras is a common experience for many women. Despite offering support and shape, dealing with the underwire poking out can make wearing them a hassle. If you’ve faced this issue, you’re not alone. In this blog, we’ll explore why your bra’s underwire keeps poking out, uncovering the reasons and providing practical solutions.

Well, before learning how to fix underwire issues, let’s understand the meaning of the same.

What is Underwire in a Bra?

What is Underwire in a Bra

Underwired bras are nothing but a rigid piece of wire that is sewn under the cup of the bra. Wearing underwired bras will offer support and a better lift, especially if you have heavy breasts. You can also experience less back pain than you might normally experience throughout the day with the support of a wire. Also, here are a few reasons why you should wear an underwired bra.

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Major Reason Why Your Bra Underwire Keeps Poking Out

Poor Laundering

One reason the underwire keeps poking out is poor laundering. The proper way to launder a bra is to wash it by hand and let it dry on a flat surface. However, exposing it to extreme heat during drying may cause the bra to lose elasticity, potentially leading to the underwire popping out.

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The Bra Band is too Big 

When your bra band is too big, you will find the underwire poking out. The band is designed to fit snugly to keep the bra in place. If your band becomes too large, the underwire won’t stay in place, which causes the underwire to pop out of the bra.

Low-Quality Bras

Not all bras are created with high-quality materials and fabrics. A bra of low quality will lose its shape, and the underwire will cut through the fabric after normal wear and tear, allowing your underwire to poke out sooner than a high-quality bra.

The Bra is Worn Out 

If you are wearing a bra for a long time, even the highest-quality bras will get worn out and also cause the underwire to pop out. So, it is best to have a bra collection on rotation and expand the lifespan of every bra. Most importantly, never wear one bra for a long time, and give each bra time to revert to its original shape after each wear.

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The Bra is Getting Old

The life of every bra is only about six months if worn frequently. If the underwire eventually pokes out, then it is a sign that your bra needs to be replaced, and it’s time to recheck your bra size.

Winding Up 

Always make sure to:

  • Have the right band size
  • Launder properly
  • Wear high-quality bras.
  • Replace the bra every six months
  • Take good care of your bras.0

If you are struggling to find the right bra, then get a bra fitting and guidance from professional experts. It will help you find the right bra size to ensure your next bra fits properly.

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