Know Where Your Bra Underwire Should Sit

Where should your Bra Underwire sit?

Where should your Bra Underwire sit?

Bra underwires have their pros and cons. While they help give a better shape to the body, some of them could poke your skin, causing rashes. This is why some women prefer wired bras for a better silhouette. The underwires can also make a woman’s breasts appear narrower. But lots of women don’t know where exactly a bra’s underwires should rest on the body. Do you know where your bra underwire should sit? Come on, let’s discuss more about the ideal position of the underwires of a bra!

The Right Position for the Underwires

The Right Position for Bra Underwires

A bra’s underwires must stay flat on your ribcage. They must not rest on the breasts. In other words, they must not touch the flesh of your breasts. If they do, it means that you are wearing the wrong-sized bra. Or, you might be wearing the bra the wrong way!

The underwires continue from the bottom of the cups to the centre, where the chest is. These wires in the centre should rest flat on the chest.

After you wear your bra, check whether the underwires enclose all of the breast tissue. If they do, it means that the underwires sit in the correct place. If they don’t, again, your bra size might be incorrect or you are wearing it the wrong way. So make sure you wear it correctly using the Scoop, Swoop, and Split bra fitting technique.

I hope you now know where your bra underwire should sit. Continue reading to learn how to confirm that the underwires are in the right place.

How to confirm that the Underwire is in the Right Place?

The Inframammary Fold (IMF) is the area from which your breasts protrude from your body. It’s also known as the Inframammary Crease. Your bra underwires should follow your IMF.

If your underwires sit very low or get wrinkled at the bottom of your cups, it indicates that the underwires are not in the correct position. The cups being too small might be the reason behind this condition. Therefore, ensure that the underwires follow your IMF and don’t sit too low.

How to Face “Underwire Troubles?”

Facing Underwire Troubles

  • If you feel uncomfortable with wired bras, just switch over to wire-free bras.
  • If you wear wired bras and the wires poke at your skin, your bra might be worn out. Ditch the old bra and purchase a new one.
  • If you wish to buy wired bras, opt for high-quality ones. They can give you a poke-free experience.
  • Sometimes, your bra size might be correct. But the fit might not be! Yes, even bras of accurate sizes might make you face fitting issues. So make sure both your bra size and fit are correct during the purchase itself. If you need more assistance, get the help of a lingerie expert or stylist.

Final Words

If the underwires go all the way around the roots of your breasts, that is the correct position, and your bra is totally fine. Therefore, the wider your roots, the wider your underwires must be.

I hope this blog on where your bra underwire should sit has helped you understand the correct position of your underwires. Choosing bras of the correct size and ditching old, worn-out bras will help avoid lots of bra underwire problems.

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