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5 ways to style Sports Bra this summer!

5 ways to style Sports Bra this summer!

It’s summer ladies, and it’s really hot out there. You would definitely need some breathable underwear this season. The sports bra is one which you can lean on to because they are the ones that don’t feel like bras at all. But wait, aren’t these bras just too awesome to be hidden under those pretty clothes? Does that mean “wear an innerwear as outerwear”? Yeah! Why not?! Here are some styling tips that could help you rock these bras at ease.

1.With a Denim jacket

Oh, Denim is never going out of style! Who cannot rock with a denim jacket on? Any basic sports bra under a denim jacket’s gonna look cool. I’m sure this is the look that you’re gonna love more than any other look coz this is one of the simple and easiest ways of styling that looks cool on anybody.

Denim jacket

Forbes highest paid models Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner spotted wearing a Sports bra with Denim jackets. 

2.With a see-through or netted top

Sports bra under a basic see-through or netted top is a huge hit among the social media models. These sheer tops can also be paired with a vibrant graffiti sports bra which can help you achieve the street smart look.

see-through or netted top

Katy Perry styled a sheer top with sports bra at an award function.

Netted Top

3.With an Off shoulder top or one-shouldered top

You don’t have to take any extra effort for hiding those straps coz this look is all about flaunting them. Slay those straps with an off-shoulder or one-shouldered top. This could help you add some funkiness to your ordinary tee.

shoulder top or one-shouldered top

4.Full Coverage Sports Bra as Top

A full coverage sports bra paired with leggings, mini-skirt or with a high waisted bottom could be a stunner. Pair it with sneakers and you are ready to go. Here are a few other ideas to style a full coverage sports bra.

full coverage sports bra


5.With Low-back top or with low-side cut

If you are looking for tutorials on how to wear a low-back top by not exposing the bra band, then stop. You could make a huge style statement by exposing them. Pair your boring low back top and low side cut crop tops with a racer-back or a cross-back sports bra. This look is girly with just the right amount of athletic edge. Wear a cropped sports bra everywhere this summer.

Low-back top

 with low-side cut

Let us know which style suits you the best.


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