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6 Reasons why we should talk about Lingerie

6 Reasons why we should talk about Lingerie

1. Lingerie plays an important role in everyday fashion

Lingerie is never out of fashion. There is nothing like wearing a soft panty and a cozy, comfortable bra. Be it lounging at home or out on the streets in jeans and top they secure your curves under your garments. They make you walk and lounge with so much ease and style. With an elegant bra supporting around the chest holding your bosom at the right place, setting the desire in between cozy and sexy is the best thing you can experience in the world. Bras are the biggest saviour for women with big curves. First it holds the bust up and prevents skin from chaffing under the bust. Second, gives complete support and a state of ease.

Babydolls anyone? Aren’t they ultimate bffs? They are not only comfortable but also sexy. Babydolls are one of the most flirtatious lingerie types. How can you not secure some of your free time to not talk about these lovely intimates? It’s an absolute pleasure chat about lingerie with your buddies over a coffee.

2. It gives knowledge about fit and current trend

There are 80% of women in India who don’t wear proper fitting bras as they don’t know their exact bra size. Even the ones who are confident about their size find out that they were wrong all the while once they go to a bra fitter. The more you talk about lingerie the more you can understand and gain knowledge about your body. It helps to break the taboo that comes along with lingerie and your body . Sharing knowledge helps you to seek for more knowledge and as well keeps you up to date.

3. It makes you feel Feminine

“Lingerie is the maximum expression of a woman’s femininity”-Dolce&Gabbana

Talking about lingerie kindles the feminine feelings in you. It makes you graceful as it aligns your thoughts with your body. Sharing thoughts about your body and lingerie makes you improve your persona.

4. It’s Liberating and empowering

“Lingerie should make you feel empowered.” – Sarah Shotton, lead designer for Agent Provocateur

Talking about something which is a taboo is a liberating experience. Why we still get lingerie in a discreet pack while purchasing from a store or from online websites? Why do we have to hide something which is the most essential part of our wardrobe. We should feel comfortable discussing about lingerie to break these taboos.

5. It’s inspiring to talk about lingerie

Being outspoken about lingerie is uplifting. Lingerie is close to women’s hearts. Every woman has an intimate relationship with lingerie. It is her first and reliable partner forever. Speaking of lingerie makes you feel lively and boosts your self esteem. The pep talk makes you fall in love with lingerie all over again.

6. It’s sexy and a lot of fun

“Lingerie is not about seducing men, it’s about embracing womanhood”-Dita Von Teese

Talking about lingerie breaks the clichéd thoughts of women wearing lingerie for men. Discussing about a sheer baby doll, analyzing a newly bought bra calculator give unlimited pleasure and a lot more fun than you can imagine. Talking about lingerie makes you feel young, sexy and attractive. It tickles your creativity and make your fantasies more colorful.

So, let lingerie not be your little secret anymore. The topic is definitely not something that should be confined inside four walls. It is a whole new world of pleasure, comfort, support and an essential part of your life. If you don’t talk about this life time companion which adds to your beautitude who else will?


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