All about the Cheekini: The Trendy and Comfy Linge

Cheekini 101: The Lingerie Style Everyone’s Talking About

Cheekini 101: The Lingerie Style Everyone’s Talking About

Why is there so much talk about the “cheekini?” And how has it become such a popular lingerie trend? Before diving deep into further questions, let’s stop for a minute and find out what a “cheekini” is.

You might have seen many celebrities wearing cheekinies, but you might not have realised that they were actually wearing cheekinies at the moment! But we are here to help you learn more about these beautiful garments and also assist you in flaunting your figure by wearing one of them in style!

What Is a Cheekini, and Why Is It Called So?

Well, do you know that our buttocks are also referred to as “cheeks?” They are called so because of their semi-round appearance (just like the cheeks on our faces). And the term “cheeks” is the origin of the word “cheekini.” We can define a cheekini as a bikini that reveals more of your cheeks.


Cheek + Bikini = Cheekini

Just ignore the “Biki” part in the above equation!

If you want a more accurate definition, here it is!
A cheekini is a garment with moderate coverage in the front and sides and a raised cut at the back, across the buttocks (cheeks). There are various other names for cheekinies like “boykini panties,” “booty shorts,” etc.

Cheekini vs. Thong: Style Comparison

You might be familiar with the term “thong” or “thong panties.” A thong panty is a garment that’s worn as underwear or as a swimsuit (in some countries). Now, the cheekini is the new thong! Despite the similarities between a thong, there are some minute differences, which are given in the table below.

Offers less overall coverage than a bikiniOffers less overall coverage than a cheekini
Provides medium coverage for the backProvides close to zero coverage at the back
Might create VPLs sometimesDoes not create VPLs

To prevent the show-through of panties through your outfits, you can use thongs. Or else, you can wear No VPL panties too. Check out the uses of No VPL panties.

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Cheekini vs. Bikini Bottoms

The cheekini is a hybrid or cross between a thong and a bikini. But as mentioned earlier, cheekinies are “stringier” than bikinis.

Cheekini Bikini
Less revealing than a thongLess revealing than a cheekini
Has considerable “cheek peek”Has less “cheek peek”]
Skinny side panels show more skin around the hipsWider side panels show less skin around the hips
The fabric at the back is narrowerThe fabric at the back is wider

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Cheekini vs. Cheeky Underwear

There are a few differences between cheeky underwear and cheekinies. Take a look at them!

CheekiniCheeky Underwear
Less used termMore widely used term (globally accepted name)
Provides less coverage on the front and sidesProvides fuller coverage on the front and sides
More revealing than bikinisMore revealing than cheekinies
Less cheek peekMore cheek peek

Benefits of Wearing a Cheekini

By now, you might have already guessed the advantages of wearing a cheekini. If not, just take a quick glance at the following benefits of a cheekini.

  • It’s extremely comfortable to use in hot weather.
  • It offers a sensuous look. So, if you wish to flaunt your curves at a pool party with your friends, go ahead and wear them.
  • Some cheekinies have an attractive and gorgeous “lettuce-edged” bottom hem that looks stylish. If you are into sunbathing to get a beautiful tan and look stylish at the same time, these are the perfect choice!
  • Cheekinies can also be used as comfy swimsuits.
  • They can even be worn as underwear beneath an outfit.

When Can You Wear a Cheekini?

It is not advisable to wear cheekinies while exercising. Cheekinies and thongs fit your body tighter than other types of undies. So, they may slide back and forth when you do your workouts, which can result in friction and heat, followed by blisters and infections.

If you are planning to hit the gym, opt for seamless panties and pair them with your workout leggings. Such panties can make you feel comfy while exercising and will not cause friction, infections, or other risks.

woman stretching

You can also check out the types of panties to be worn under different bottoms.

An Ideal Choice for Many!

Cheekinies are not only for celebrities but can be worn with confidence by all women. If you feel comfortable in them, why not go for it? In case you don’t feel too comfy in a cheekini, you can wear it as underwear with another outfit. Apart from giving you a nice silhouette, it will also make you look trendy and stylish.

So, get amped up for that all-girls party you’ve been eagerly waiting for! Wear your cheekini and spread the cheer!

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