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Bra Doctor-Bra mistakes you make every day!

Bra Doctor-Bra mistakes you make every day!

Women and bras share an inseparable bond. For an intimate that stays by our side no matter what, shouldn’t we be fair enough to handle it the way it should be? We recently reached out to our bra expert and were surprised to find that nearly 80% women unknowingly made these bra mistakes on a daily basis making them feel uncomfortable when worn for long hours of time. To make life in a bra easy, here is a list of the most common blunders our female folks can avoid.

1. Improper sizing

Choosing the right bra size might look trivial, but there are chances wrongly sized bras can lead to neck, shoulder, or back pain. When ignored for a long period of time, improper sizing of your innerwear can also cause posture problems. Get your bra size checked every 12 months as there are several factors such as weight loss, and pregnancy that tend to change your bust size.

2. Hasty hooking

A lot of us ignore the fact that hooking the bra right makes a lot of difference to how well it fits. In case your bra is quite new, fastening at the loosest hook is recommended. To the contrary, as your bra ages, there are chances that it may lose its elasticity and hence can be fastened in the other hooks depending on how tight you want the bra to be.

3. Hook and flip doesn’t work

Make sure you clasp your bra only at the back. A lot of us tend to hook it at the front and then flip it turn to the back which can easily make the bra lose its elasticity very soon.

4. Chafing/ falling straps

If you visit a lingerie store, you can see that the shoulder straps of all the bras of a particular size are kept at a standard length. The problem here is that we more often forget to adjust them while wearing. Every shoulder strap comes with a metal slider with which the strap length could be adjusted according to the fit required. It is never a good sign to wear a bra with chafing/ falling straps.

5. Reusing an unwashed bra

Doing laundry is an essential part of the household majorly for hygienic reasons. Especially, when it comes to inner garments, a wash care routine is absolutely necessary. Reusing an unwashed bra could bring rashes, itching, and other skin problems.

6. Sticking to the same old bra

No matter how much you invest in a bra, there always comes a time when you have to bid bye. Yes, your bras need a change at least once a year. This is not only hygienic but also ensures you refrain from improper sizing.

Ticking off this six-point checklist while wearing your bra every morning wouldn’t be that big of a deal, would it? If at all you had been doing any of these mistakes, make sure they are no more committed to have a fuss-free bra experience.

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