Build Breathtaking Silhouettes With The Right Shap

Build Breathtaking Silhouettes With The Right Shapewear

Build Breathtaking Silhouettes With The Right Shapewear

We know of a rather conspicuous history of beautiful leather corsets and painfully small waist sizes. Its hard to tell what that suggests, but looking beautiful, sleek and sexy has always been a fancy; folks are eternally looking for ways to look better than they are. Thankfully there are healthier options now that come from healthier mind-sets. Today shapewear is typically made of nylon, spandex or a mix of both. These fabrics are not very breathable but are supremely functional and comfortable. The compression garment pushes fat in and flattens the area. It is an easier, faster recourse to looking sleeker and toned.

Choosing The Right Shapewear and Size

The shape of your body plays the most significant role in what shapewear you need. As some people may assume, shapewear is not meant to change the natural shape of your body but to control, smoothen and give a toned appearance. There are definitely ‘ideal’ body types which women look up to, like the hourglass shape. But when you wear the correct shapewear in the right size, it does not shape a Pear into an Hourglass. That’s why it is a good idea to figure out why you really want to wear shapewear. As a matter of fact, even an Hourglass body may need the shapewear.

Examine your body parts and determine where there are bulges and flab, these are the areas it needs toning. There is plenty number of types in shapewear, each targeting a problem area and correcting it. Some of them are Arm shapers, Corsets, Control briefs, Camisoles.

In some cases, more than one part of the body might be flabby and need the shapewear but it is good to wear just one at a time. Dress according to the shapewear you choose to put on underneath. There are also full body shapers like a body-suit which targets the arms, upper body and the tummy, these are much better than wearing two to three separate pieces. Since it is a single piece garment, the elasticity is uniformly distributed which makes the shaping more comfortable.

We wouldn’t wear a different size in a pair of jeans, similarly, it is not ideal to choose a size other than yours for any given reason. Stick to your size, don’t go one size up ‘cause it wouldn’t serve the function and don’t go one size down as it will be extremely uncomfortable.

Try out a few sizes before buying, like bras, there are no accurate measurements. Go for the one that just smoothens and cuts those bulges or flaws, not something that reshapes your body parts-that is an indication that it’s too small.


Busting The Shapewear Myths

  1. Wearing one size smaller will make you look slimmer. This is so untrue and quite a dangerous myth. The shapewear already being a compressing garment, going down a size will only cause harm. It will affect the digestive system and breathing.
  1. Wearing shapewear will improve your posture. It does not, as a matter of fact, it will eventually impair your posture. Do not rely on shapewear to get your posture right.
  1. Shapewear will eventually reduce your size. Ok, this is partially true but it is unsafe to use shapewear as a means to reduce your size. Do not wear it for more than eight hours and try to give your organs a break from it for a day or two.

These molded bras and T-shirt bras shape your bust, making them an excellent alternative to minimizer bras, as the molded cups reduce the appearance of breast size. Here are some before and after pictures of women wearing the shapewear, it will help you get a sense of what a shapewear will do.

Embrace your imperfections and just boldly be your own shape.

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