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Busting Bra Myths: Full Cup, Full Figure, and Full Coverage Explained

Busting Bra Myths: Full Cup, Full Figure, and Full Coverage Explained

When you buy bras, you’ll often come across terms like full cup, full coverage, full bust, and full figure.” While a full-figure bra represents sizes D and upwards, full-cup and full coverage talk about coverage and style. You’ll also be surprised to know that 3/4th coverage can also be a full-cup bra! Do you know the differences or similarities between all these terms? We thought it was important for you to understand the terms so that you can choose the right bra based on these factors.

Full coverage bra

Full Cup Bra

  • A full-cup bra covers the breasts entirely.
  • It provides maximum coverage and support.
  • The edges of the cups extend high up on your breast, while the straps tend to stay closer inward on the shoulder.
  • Full-cup bras are ideal for large busts to get the perfect shape. It is also suitable for anyone who wishes to enjoy maximum coverage.
  • You’ll find full-cup bras in various styles and patterns. For example, t-shirt bras, minimizer bras, and wireless bras come with full cups.

This everyday bra gives you full coverage and covers your breasts completely. This stylish bra has a wide underband and double-layered cups for great support.

In some cases, the full-cup bra provides 3/4th coverage instead of full coverage. This seamless t-shirt bra covers the breast completely without spillage, and the full cup covers the upper breast, offering 3/4th coverage to keep you smooth and secure.

Full-coverage bra

  • A full-coverage bra covers the entire neckline and arm sides.
  • This bra is somewhat similar to a full-cup bra.
  • It suits every woman, irrespective of their body type, and provides more coverage.
  • The straps of full-coverage and full-cup bras come in standard sizes.
  • The sizing of full-coverage bras varies depending on the product you are choosing.
  • You will find different full-coverage bra styles designed for every body type.
  • A full-coverage bra can be an underwire bra, a sports bra, a wireless bra, or a lace bra.

This non-padded everyday bra is a perfect example of a full-coverage bra with a full cup.

Full-Figure Bra

  • Band sizes 34D, 36D, 38D, and cup sizes DD, E, F, G, and above are known as full-figure bras.
  • This bra is suitable for an apple body shape where the shoulders and bust are bigger than the hips.
  • A full-figure bra contains thicker-width straps compared to full-coverage or full-cup bras.
  • The straps of a full-figure bra often come with light padding or cushion to support heavy busts.
  • A full-figure bra will have full cups, offering full coverage that covers your entire breast.

This full-cup minimizer bra is a full-figure bra perfectly crafted for women with full busts. It also offers full coverage and comes with fully adjustable, wide straps that can hold heavy breasts for long hours.

We hope you now know the terms full cup, full figure, and full coverage.” It is easy to choose the right bra when you understand the terms, features, and functionality of bras. If you still have any difficulties to find the right bra, feel free to talk to our fitting experts, who can help you choose the right bras according to your needs, body shape, and breast type.

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