Benefits of full-figure bra in daily life

Why Full Figure Bras Are a Perfect Option for Women with Larger Busts

Why Full Figure Bras Are a Perfect Option for Women with Larger Busts

Finding the perfect big-cup size bra is challenging for women at most times. Your solution is right here. The full-figure bra is designed for women who have fuller busts and slim bodies. These bras consist of full cups in sizes above DD, such as 36DD, 34DD, etc. They have broader side wings and offer maximum coverage for your breasts. From non-padded to moulded bras, you can add an elegant finish to your outfits with these full-figure bra types. Continue reading to learn more about the types and benefits of full-figure bras.

Types of full-figure bra

A full-figure bra is a necessary part of every bigger-busted woman’s wardrobe that elevates the entire outfit. Based on design, style, and coverage, you can access various types of full-figure bras. Let’s discuss a few bra types that are ideal for full-figured women.

Non-Padded Bra 

Non-padded bras are the best option for full-busted women to provide a classy look. It does not have any padding in the cups, and the broad shoulder straps give great support. The Red Non-Padded Bra is one of Shyaway’s best sellers as it provides a smooth finish. You don’t have to worry about bulges anymore due to the full cups in this pretty bra. It is easily paired with most of your outfits and enhances your shape.

T-Shirt Bra

A t-shirt bra gives a seamless finish that is easy to wear under any body-hugging clothing. The Satin Trim Padded Wirefree T-Shirt Bra from Shyaway never fails to grab your attention. You will love this one if you are a fan of the almond colour. It provides adequate coverage, and the padding gives great support for your breast.

Moulded Bra

The full cups in this supportive bra provide the smooth silhouette coverage that you have been carving. The Susie Moroccan Blue Bottom Encircled Moulded Everyday Bra in Shyaway is a perfect fit for women because it offers great coverage. This bra will not be seen through your clothes since the cup is seamless.

Benefits of a Full-Figured Bra

When you decide to purchase a full-figure bra, you must know about its advantages. Do you want to know why it is most suitable for you? A few benefits of a full-figure bra are specified below.

Adequate Support 

The full-figure bra gives you the adequate support and comfort you need. So, you don’t need to worry about coverage and spillage. The broader shoulder straps provide the desired support and lift to your breast. It is helpful to reduce back and shoulder pain common in heavily busted women.

No Bulges or Spillage

Do you know wearing a full figure bra never creates breast bulge? A full-figure bra must have wide side wings to prevent spillage and bulges from showing. These bras with large cups are also constructed so that there won’t be any top spillage.


Full-figure bras come in a wide variety, giving you the best of everything. Choosing the appropriate design and style enables you to enhance your ensemble. Depending on the occasion, you can select your preferred style from the Shyaway full-figure bra collections. There are many options available to you, starting with solid red, almond, and blue.

Now that you understand the significance of owning a full-figure bra, why wait? Pick the amazing collections from Shyaway to attain a more comfortable and stylish look. It is easy to boost your confidence by choosing perfectly fitted lingerie. So don’t hesitate to fill your wardrobe once you find the right full-figure bra. You can also read about the reasons you need to add more colours to your lingerie wardrobe.

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