Here's Everything about Bra Wings and the Bra Band

How Well Do You Know Your Bra Wings and Band? 

How Well Do You Know Your Bra Wings and Band? 

Did you know your bra gets 80% of its support from the bra band, 10% from the shoulder straps, and the other 10% from the bra cups? One of the most essential bra fitting. Is the bra wing and bra band the same? Chances are, you’re thinking of two different parts. Though people refer to it as a bra band, there’s a minor difference. By the end of this blog, you’ll be well-informed.

Bra Wings and the Bra Band

What is a bra wing? It is a part of the bra that wraps around your body. In other words, the wings (bra band) secure the bra, pull the cups and wires into position, and help the bra sit around the ribs. Most bras, the wing will be the bra band, and in other bras, it is a part.

In the above image, the bra wing starts from the outer side of the bra cup and extends to the back.


The fabric attaches to the cup on one end and the hook and eye closure at the other.

If the centre gore continues below the cup and attaches to the sides of a bra, we call it the band.

In a few bras, the centre gore and bra wings are not attached together. The band is not at the front but at the back.

The measurement of the bra is often based on the bra wing. The number part of the bra size defines the band size. For example, in a 36B bra, the band size is 36 inches with a B cup.

How Should the Bra Wings Fit?

It should snugly fit your body. There should be only one finger’s gap between the bra wing and your back. Don’t blame your shoulder straps and bra cups if you don’t get the right fit. If the wing (band) is loose, it will not support your breasts. If it is too tight, it can cause discomfort and chafing. With a well-fitted bra, the support comes from the wings and band, which reduce the pressure on other parts of the bra. The bra wing can do its job properly only if you wear the right size.

Some Styles for Your Consideration

Wider Wings

A bra with a wider wing will distribute the weight of the breasts around the body. It has a wider area to lift your heavy breasts and provide ultimate support.

Mesh Wings

If you are looking for a body-hugging fit, you can rely on meshes that come with stretchable fabric. Mesh can stretch according to your body shape and has a good shape retention property. It can snap back to its original shape and size after you remove the bra.

Boning on Bra Wings

Some bras come with bones for additional support. Boning at the side of the bra near the cup prevents the wings from rolling up. Long-line bras often have bones to provide more support.

Transparent Bra Wing

This kind of bra wing gives you the desired stretch and freedom to wear any kind of outfit. Enjoy the flexibility of the fabric without compromising the style quotient.

If you find the right size, all the other parts of the bra work together perfectly to lift and support. If all of this sounds interesting to you, try different styles of bra to find the right match. Every style is different, and you must experiment with a few to find out what works for you. We hope this blog has given you some ideas about the bra wings and underband! Now it’s time to know the purpose of boning in a bra.

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