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Moulded or Padded Bras?

Moulded or Padded Bras?

Why Padded and Moulded Bras are Good?

Moulded bra doesn’t have any seams running on the cups.  Hence they can be used as t-shirt bras. are made as moulded bras  as it won’t be bulky

What is a Padded Bra?

How to Differentiate Padded and Molded Bras?

To understand better, a moulded bra may have padding.  But not all padded bras are necessarily moulded ones.  You can check the bra by laying it on a flat surface and if there are gaps in the cups near the neckline it is a moulded bra. 

What bra to wear? Moulded bra or Padded bra?

It is wise to keep these two types of bras stocked in your wardrobe. You can choose based on your need between these two bra types.  Use a moulded bra to achieve good shape without adding up on size.  A moulded bra will be the right choice if you are pregnant or a nursing mother. The moulded cups are flexible enough to give room to changing breast sizes. Lactating mothers love these bras as they are comfortable as well as provide good shape.  Choose a padded bra if you want to enhance your size and look for better coverage.  It also gives proper support to your breasts.  It’s a better option to make your breasts look perkier under your apparel.

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