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Moulded or Padded Bras?

Moulded or Padded Bras?

Why Padded and Moulded Bras are Good?

padded bra and a moulded one have many good features and provide great functionality. Padded bras are made to enhance the appearance of the bust line by adding volume to your breasts. They make your breasts look fuller and firmer.  They give complete nipple coverage.   A moulded bra will give great shape to your breasts without adding volume. It gives nipple coverage to some extent.  You can use pads along with moulded bras to add volume and improve coverage.  These are more suitable for girls who are not satisfied with their shape. 

What is a Moulded Bra?

The moulded bra has cups that are pre-shaped using machine and heat.  They are covered with the layer of fabric.  Hence, they are very thin and lightweight. Moulded bra has seamless cups with thicker lining than normal fabric cup bra and made with cotton, mesh or synthetic fabric.  
Moulded bra doesn’t have any seams running on the cups.  Hence they can be used as t-shirt bras. T-shirt brasare moulded ones as they don’t have any seams and smooth on top. Moulded bras are often integrated with padding to add volume and size. Moulded bras don’t add volume unless it is padded.  The main aim of this bra is to give shape to your breasts. Underwires are very common in moulded bras. Moulded bras are popular as strapless bras as the cup maintain its shape without straps. Nursing bras, sports bras, Lace bras are made as moulded bras  as it won’t be bulky

What is a Padded Bra?

Padded bras has removable/non-removable pads made of foam.  They are stitched together with the bra fabric. Or else, inserted into layers of fabric which can be removed and reinserted.  Padded bra is not as thick as a moulded bra. It just serves as an envelope for cookies/pads. Padded bras can be seamless and they may have seams as well.  Padded bras can be used as t-shirt bras if they are seamless. Some level of padding should be there to be termed as padded bras. Padded bras are worn to add volume and size. It provides support and firm shape unlike moulded bras. Padded bras are available both in underwired and non-underwire style. . They need the necessary support to hold your breasts. T-shirt bras and bridal bras are made with underwire to provide extra support and lift.  Otherwise, a padded bra is able to give good support without underwire inserts.   Padded t-shirt bras, especially balconette bras with underwire support. they come with multi way straps. . Almost all types of bras come with padding option including beginner’s bra.

How to Differentiate Padded and Molded Bras?

To understand better, a moulded bra may have padding.  But not all padded bras are necessarily moulded ones.  You can check the bra by laying it on a flat surface and if there are gaps in the cups near the neckline it is a moulded bra. 

What bra to wear? Moulded bra or Padded bra?

It is wise to keep these two types of bras stocked in your wardrobe. You can choose based on your need between these two bra types.  Use a moulded bra to achieve good shape without adding up on size.  A moulded bra will be the right choice if you are pregnant or a nursing mother. The moulded cups are flexible enough to give room to changing breast sizes. Lactating mothers love these bras as they are comfortable as well as provide good shape.  Choose a padded bra if you want to enhance your size and look for better coverage.  It also gives proper support to your breasts.  It’s a better option to make your breasts look perkier under your apparel.

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