Different Types of Breast Shapes & Bra Suggestions

Different Types of Breast Shapes & Bra Suggestions

When it comes to breast shape, breasts are beyond bigger and smaller shapes. Like bra size, every bust shape matters. Certain bra styles don’t fit all breast shapes. Knowing your breast shape may benefit you whenever you shop your favourite bras online. 

Do you know your breasts’ shape? If not, our guide will help you to figure out your breast shape so that you can find an ideal bra that fits you.

How to Determine Breast Shape?

Breast shape may vary because of race, genetics, feeding, gaining and losing weight, age, hormones and gravity. Based on these factors, women’s breasts are shaped uniquely or differently.

Firstly, you need to take off your clothes, without wearing a bra and take a closer look at yourself. You can take a note of your breast shape from the side. Check your nipple placement, how your breasts sit on your chest and in what direction they face. After observing them, you can draw a picture of your bust shape to compare with all breasts shapes to find out your breast type.

Different Types of Breast Shapes

If you are curious to know what type of breasts do you have? Learn about common breast shapes along with breast shapes charts so that you can get a better understanding.

Differences between each breast shape are barely noticeable, our guide will help you find the similarities and dissimilarities between each bust shape.


 Asymmetric breast shape size

Asymmetric is a set of breasts where one breast is bigger or smaller than another. Women who have different breast sizes come into this category. Did you know that more than half of women have a small variation in breasts sizes?

Bra Suggestions for Asymmetric Breasts Shape

Push up bras with removable pads: This bra is the best option since it can even out your uneven breasts by removing or inserting pads.

Padded bras and wired bras can help even out both breasts visually.


Athletic breast shape size

Athletic busts are muscular and wider with less breast tissue. This bust shape can be found on a V-shaped torso. In Athletic bust shape, the underbust is larger and has smaller cups.

Bra Suggestions for Athletic Breasts Shape

Wireless bras- It gives adequate support and comfort.

Moulded cup bra or push up bra-If you desire a fuller bust and nice cleavage.

Balconette Bra- It has wide straps and demi cups that help lift and shape breast tissue to create an enticing cleavage.

Round Shape

Round breast shape size

As the name suggests, this bust shape is rounded or fully circular with an equal breasts size at the bottom and top. Luckily, You can opt for any bra style for this bust shape. 

Bra Suggestions for Round Bust

T-shirt bras

Non-padded or wired bras

Wired bras

Full coverage bras

East-West Breast

East west breast shape

In this type of bust, nipples are facing in opposite directions(towards left and right) and positioned off-centre. So you must look for a bra that helps bring the bust together towards the centre. You shouldn’t opt for a bra with seams at the sides that can chafe or damage the nipples.

Bra Recommendations for Women with East-West Bust

Push up bra- It helps lift the breast to the front of your chest.

T-shirt bras/Moulded bra- These two bras prevent spillage in the sides and also pushes your bust towards the centre to create great cleavage.


 Slender Breast shape

A slender bra may look narrow and long and has low nipples which are facing downwards. It has a tube-like appearance. In this shape, the bust is wider at the top, narrow at the bottom. A slender bust doesn’t mean a smaller cup size, you require a bra that lifts and supports your bust.

Bra Suggestion for Slender Bust

Push up bra/Balconette bra-both have moulded cups for adequate shape.

Plunge, padded and demi-cup bras- These bras have a deep plunge neck and also help bring breasts toward the middle.

Relaxed Bust

 Relaxed breast shape

In this bust shape, the breasts are typically hung downwards with nipples facing downward and have lax tissue.

Bra Suggestion for Relaxed Bust

Push up or T-shirt bra-For relaxed type bust, these bras will give your bust plenty of lift and support you need.

Side Set Bust

side set breast shape

Sider set shape has a wide space (or further apart) between your bust. You should look for a bra that gathers your breasts towards the middle of your chest.

Bra Suggestions for Side-set Bust

  • Wired bras
  • Padded bras
  • Plunge bras
  • The bra comes with side shaping

Tear Drop Bust

 Teardrop breast shape

It is another set of breasts, similar to the round bust shape and can be called symmetrical breasts. In this shape, your breasts are round at the bottom, and less full at the top and nipples are centred. This bust shape is often called an uncomplicated bust and generally found on fuller bust women. Look for a bra that gives adequate support and creates a nice cleavage.

Bra Suggestions for Teardrop Bust

  • Underwire bra
  • T-shirt bra
  •  Push up bras
  • Full or demi-cup bras

Bell Shape Bust

Bell shaped breast

As the name suggests, breast shape may look like bells. Bell shape busts are smaller or narrow at the top and larger in the lower area of the bust. A bell-shaped bust has a soft tissue at the top, hence you need to find a bra that has bigger cups and gives adequate support and an awesome lift.

Bra Suggestions for Teardrop Bust 

  • T-shirt bra
  • Balconette bra
  • Full coverage bras 
  • Underwire bra

Conical Bust 

The conical bust may look like cones, rather than round. This bust type is common in smaller busted women than fuller women. To simply put, cone-shaped breasts are pointy. You should find a bra that promises the smoothest shape and fit.

Bra suggestions for Conical breasts

  • T-shirt bra
  • Moulded bra

Close-set Bust

In this breast shape, breasts have a small gap between breasts and are not separated from each other. Breasts sit closer to the centre of your chest but create more space between the underarm and breast. Bras that help eliminate uni-boob looks are ideal for this bust type.

Bra Suggestions for Close-set Bust

  • Plunge bra
  • Balconette bra

 Breast cancer – Mastectomy 

Breast Cancer Mastectomy

Breast cancer is a common type of cancer found in women. Whether you have undergone a single or double mastectomy, you need a bra that gives a visual restoration of the bust line. Look for a bra that has soft seams, a wide under band and full cups.

 Bra Suggestions for Mastectomy 

  • Wireless bras
  • Front closure bras
  • Bralettes

We hope our guide on the different types of breast shapes will help you find the most suitable bra that fits you. 

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