16 Types of Breast Shapes & Their Ideal Bra Styles

Different Types of Breast Shapes & Bra Suggestions

Different Types of Breast Shapes & Bra Suggestions

Different Types of Breast Shapes and Bra Suggestions

When it comes to breast shape, breasts go beyond just bigger and smaller sizes. Just like bra sizes, every bust shape matters. Not all bra styles suit every breast shape. Understanding your breast shape can greatly help when shopping for your favorite bras online.

Are you familiar with your breast shape? If not, our guide can assist you in identifying it, enabling you to discover the perfect-fitting bra.

How to Determine Breast Shape

Breast shape can vary due to factors such as race, genetics, weight fluctuations, age, hormones, and gravity. These elements contribute to the unique and diverse shapes of women’s breasts. To begin, disrobe without a bra and closely examine yourself. 

Take note of your breast shape from the side view. Observe nipple placement, how your breasts rest on your chest, and their directional orientation. Once you’ve observed these characteristics, sketch your bust shape. This illustration can then be compared to various breast shapes, helping you identify your specific breast type.

Different Types of Breast Shapes

If you’re curious about identifying your breast type, familiarize yourself with common breast shapes using breast shape charts for a clearer understanding.

The distinctions between various breast shapes might be subtle. Our guide will aid you in recognizing both the similarities and differences among each breast shape.

1) Asymmetric

 Asymmetric breast shape size

An asymmetrical set of breasts is characterized by one breast being larger or smaller than the other. Women with varying breast sizes fall into this category. Surprisingly, did you know that over half of women exhibit a slight variation in breast size?

Bra Suggestions for Asymmetric Breasts Shape

Push-up bras with removable pads: This bra is an excellent option as it can balance uneven breasts by adding or removing pads.

Padded and Wired Bras: They can also help create a more balanced visual appearance for both breasts.

2) Athletic

Athletic breast shape size

Athletic busts are muscular and broader, with less breast tissue. This bust shape is often found on a V-shaped torso. In the case of an athletic bust shape, the underbust measurement is larger, resulting in smaller cup sizes.

Bra Suggestions for Athletic Breasts Shape

Wireless Bras: They provide sufficient support and comfort.

Pushup Bra/Moulded Bra: For a fuller bust and a flattering cleavage, opt for a push-up bra or a molded cup bra.

Balconette Bra: This style features wide straps and demi cups that lift and shape breast tissue, enhancing your cleavage.

3) Round Shape

Round breast shape size

As the name suggests, this bust shape is rounded or fully circular, with breasts of equal size at the bottom and top. Fortunately, you can choose from various bra styles that suit this bust shape.

Bra Suggestions for Round Bust

  1. T-shirt bras
  2. Non-padded or wired bras
  3. Wired bras
  4. Full coverage bras

4) East-West Breast

East west breast shape

In this bust shape, the breasts typically hang downward, with nipples facing downward and featuring lax tissue.

Bra Recommendations for Women with an East-West Bust

  1. Push-up bras
  2. T-shirt bras

These bras are ideal for a relaxed-type bust, providing the lift and support your bust needs.

5) Slender

 Slender Breast shape

A slender bust may appear narrow and elongated, with nipples that point downwards. It often has a tube-like appearance. This shape features a wider upper area and a narrower lower portion. It’s important to note that a slender bust doesn’t necessarily mean a smaller cup size; you still need a bra that provides lift and support.

Bra Suggestion for Slender Bust

  1. Push-up bra
  2. Balconette bras come with molded cups for good shape.
  3. Plunge bra
  4. Padded bra 
  5. Demi-cup bras feature deep necklines and also help bring the breasts toward the center

6) Relaxed Bust

 Relaxed breast shape

In this bust shape, the breasts usually hang downward, with the nipples also facing downward and having softer tissue.

Bra Suggestion for Relaxed Bust

  1. Push-up bra
  2. T-shirt bras for a more relaxed bust; these bras provide the lift and support you need.

7) Side Set Bust

side set breast shape

The side-set shape means there’s a wider space between your busts. Opt for a bra that brings your breasts together towards the center of your chest.

Bra Suggestions for Side-set Bust

  1. Wired bras
  2. Padded bras
  3. Plunge bras – The bra comes with side shaping

8) Tear Drop Bust

 Teardrop breast shape

This is a type of breasts, much like the round bust shape, and can be called symmetrical breasts. In this shape, your breasts are round at the bottom and less full at the top, and your nipples are centered. This bust shape is often referred to as uncomplicated and is usually seen in women with fuller busts. Choose a bra that offers good support and enhances your cleavage.

Bra Suggestions for Teardrop Bust

9) Bell Shape Bust

Bell shaped breast

True to its name, the bell-shaped bust resembles bells. This type is smaller or narrower at the top and fuller in the lower area. With soft tissue at the top, opt for a bra with larger cups for proper support and a wonderful lift.

Bra Suggestions for Teardrop Bust 

10) Conical Bust

The conical bust resembles a cone rather than being round. This type is more common in women with smaller busts than in those with fuller busts. In simpler terms, cone-shaped breasts are pointy. Look for a bra that ensures a smooth shape and fit.

Bra suggestions for conical breasts

11) Close-set Bust

In this breast shape, there’s a small gap between the breasts, and they are not widely apart. Breasts sit closer to the center of your chest, but there’s more space between the underarm and the breast. Bras that help avoid a uni-boob appearance are perfect for this bust type.

Bra Suggestions for Close-set Bust

12) Breast Cancer – Mastectomy

Breast Cancer Mastectomy

Breast cancer is a common cancer in women. Whether you’ve had a single or double mastectomy, you need a bra that restores your bust line. Find a bra with soft seams, a broad underband, and full cups.

 Bra Suggestions for Bras after Mastectomy 

We hope that our guide to the various types of breast shapes will assist you in finding the best bra for you.

13) Tubular or Tubular-Shaped Bust

Tubular or tubular-shaped breasts typically have a narrower base with a more elongated appearance compared to other breast shapes. They may have a smaller overall volume and be more slender, often with less fullness in the upper portion.

Bra Suggestions for Tubular-Shaped Busts

14) Settled or Pendulous Bust

A settled or pendulous bust refers to breasts that may have lost elasticity and appear to sag or hang lower on the chest. These breasts often have a lower position on the chest wall due to factors such as aging, weight changes, or pregnancy.

Bra Suggestions for Settled or Pendulous Busts

15) Wide-Set Bust

A wide-set bust refers to breasts that have more space between them, leaving a wider gap at the center of the chest.

Bra Suggestions for Wide-Set Busts

16) Full on Top/Full on Bottom Bust

Breasts that are full on top or full on the bottom refer to variations in where the majority of the breast tissue is located within the breast itself.

Bra Suggestions for Full on Top/Full on Bottom Busts

Full on Top
Full on Bottom

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • How do I determine my breast shape?

To determine your breast shape, stand in front of a mirror without a bra. Observe the fullness, position of the nipple, and overall shape. This can help identify if your breasts are fuller on top, bottom, or evenly distributed.

  • How do I find the right bra for my breast shape?

Finding the right bra involves understanding your breast shape and trying different styles. A professional fitting can also help in identifying the best-fitting bras for your specific shape.

  • Which boob type is most common?

Teardrop and round shapes are most common, but asymmetry is also very widespread. There’s no single “ideal” type; all shapes are beautiful and natural!

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