Does sleeping with a bra cause breast cancer?

Does sleeping with a bra cause breast cancer?

Does sleeping with a bra cause breast cancer?

We were taken aback to find that this was one of Google’s most searched questions when it came to breast health. It’s not until recently that this common myth started taking rounds and it is high time we clear the air about any more misconceptions.

“There is typically no scientific evidence or report of any sort about wearing a bra being responsible for breast cancer.”

The trend of going braless is the most sensational topic of the hour; but, things have been wrongly linked with bust health. In fact, healthy breasts depend on a lot more factors such as proper lifestyle practices and genetics than merely sleeping with a bra on.

How did the myth become this popular?

It’s only in the past few years that misleading facts like underwired bras restrict blood circulation and sleeping with bras causing breast cancer started spreading like forest fire. As much as social media does a great deed in promoting awareness, they have their own set of cons as well. Well, coming back to our question here,

“Sleeping in a bra does no harm and can never be associated with cancers”

How does it feel to sleep in a bra?

This wholly depends on each woman’s view of comfort. While some prefer to break their bond with their 24*7 intimate for a few sleep hours, the others gladly keep it on throughout the night mainly for the support it provides in holding the busts in place. Letting your bras breathe is no wrong at all, but, make sure you listen to your own story of comfort and not rely on irrelevant tales surrounding breast cancer.

If not bras, what is the reason for breast cancer then?

Apart from making it clear that bras are far away from causing cancerous conditions, being one of India’s largest bra stores, it is important from our part to let our women know what they should be aware of about the life-threatening state.

-Age plays a major role and cancer possibilities potentially increase as one age.

-Obese women are more prone to this condition mainly because of the higher levels of estrogen.

-Genetic reasons might also have their own effect.

-Long-time radiation exposure

 So, do bras have no association with bust health, then?

Yes, they do. Just like how you slip into a comfortable pair of jammies, your breasts seek freedom as well. In that case, cotton is a wonder fabric that womanhood has been gifted with and does great wonders to a peaceful repose. Invest in a few good-quality cotton bras and the rest is assured. Make sure the fitting is simply apt as rashes or strangling would be the last thing you will want to experience after a tiring day at work. Similarly, get your bras washed on a regular basis to avoid rashes or other skin infections.

Other myths that strive to be broken

Underwired bras and cutting down blood circulation (We’ve already called this a myth, but, make sure the wires don’t poke and are sewn in with secured stitching)

Tight bras and breast cancer (Here again, this talks more about ill-fitting. Let’s not give chance for people to blame your bras anymore. Opt a good-fitting bra and you are done dealing with ridiculous stories)

Wearing a bra for too long and breast cancer (Your skin does need some breathing time, but, that in no way means you are going to suffer this chronic disease. Instead, opt light-weight fabrics and pleasing colors during the summer instead of heavy padding)

The most interesting fact and argument come from men themselves. Yes, men also suffer from breast cancer due to various biological and medical conditions. This might probably help throw some light on why bras have nothing to do with cancerous growths. In today’s age of scientific advancements and an era where women are more aware of why things are happening the way they are, it is essential to break these meaningless myths for a better world. 

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