Need to Know about Bra Liners

Need to Know about Bra Liners

Need to Know about Bra Liners

Need to Know about Bra Liners:

A bra liner is a shaped fabric strip that sits between your skin and bra. It is used to absorb and minimize the effects of uncomfortable boob sweat. 

How does Bra Liner Work? 

You can slide bra liners discreetly between your skin and beneath the bottom layer of the bra. They are often made of gentle and moisture-absorbing material that is soft and comfortable. 

Who Should Use Bra Liner?

Bra liner are suitable for any size, age, and activity. They are the perfect way to stay dry and comfortable throughout the day despite the type of bra you wear. You can use bra liner to prevent chaffing, underwires from poking the skin, irritation and rashes too. 


How to Choose the Right Bra Liner for You?

When your breasts sweat a lot, you know, a good bra liner can help! You can choose the best bra liner based on the types of fabrics available in the market. Here’s a quick glimpse of the fabric along with its features. 

  • Cotton – great for moisture management
  • Bamboo – natural, soft, breathable
  • Nylon – water-resistant
  • Spandex – ability to bend and stretch

When Should You Use Bra Liners?

  • Pregnancy
  • Summer/hot weather conditions
  • Heavy workout
  • Outdoor activity

Practically, you can wear them if you sweat more! All bra liners are discreet and they will be undetectable underneath the clothes.  Say goodbye to under boob sweat with bra liner!

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