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Tried and Tested Hacks to Prevent Shapewear from Rolling Down

Tried and Tested Hacks to Prevent Shapewear from Rolling Down

We all know that shapewear compresses your bulges and helps you feel confident and happy. It’s true that shapewear understands you better than your friend! But what happens if it rolls down? Well, yes, that’s the most common issue that many people face. So, we asked our readers how they stop shapewear from rolling down and got some amazing tricks and hacks. Check them out right here!

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1. Wear the Right Size

Wear the Right Size

Yes, if you measure the shapewear size and wear the perfect fit, you can simply stop it from rolling down. Whenever you buy new shapewear, measure yourself to find the right fit. For example, if you are looking for a full-body shaper, you need to know your waist and hip measurements. Read the size chart provided by the brand to avoid a misfit.

2. Buy High-Waisted Shapewear to Stop Them From Rolling Down

Experts recommend choosing high-waisted shapewear that sits above hip level. Unlike low-rise and mid-rise options, these styles tend to stay in place longer due to their placement and position. You can always look for styles that reach up to your bra line to prevent them from slipping down.

3. Use the Anti-Slip Silicon Grip Wisely

Almost every piece of shapewear comes with a silicone grip to prevent it from rolling down. You just need to know how to use it wisely. Pat your skin dry and ensure you do not apply cream, lotion, or powder to make sure the silicone clings to your skin. If you wear a moisturiser or if the skin isn’t dry, it might lose its grip.

4. Use A Fashion Tape to Secure Your Shapewear

boob tape

You can fix a lot of wardrobe malfunctions using fashion tape. Likewise, you can stick it to your shapewear to secure it. It is a temporary solution, but it might come in handy if you know how or where to apply it!

5. Avoid Confusion and Wear a Body Suit

Wear a Body Suit

With a variety of shapewear available on the market—butt toner, and so on—avoid confusion by opting for a bodysuit with straps. You won’t have to worry about it rolling down, and interestingly, this single magical suit can tone your thighs, waist, and butt. Isn’t that great?

6. Know Your Skin Type and The Best Fabric to Use

Know Your Skin Type

Understanding the fabric and the purpose of shapewear makes you a pro! If you choose ones made with high compression, they provide a lot of support. You also need to consider your skin type and body condition. If you sweat a lot, your shapewear might slide. So, before selecting the right one, talk to a fitting expert to understand how different styles work uniquely.

These are a few of the expert-approved hacks that really work. Wait! It doesn’t end here! Here are some practical life hacks that were shared by our readers, which helped them prevent shapewear malfunctions instantly.

7. Use a Non-Perfumed Hair Spray

Non-Perfumed Hair Spray

If you’ve dressed up and are all ready for a party, apply hairspray to the areas where the shapewear should hold. You will feel a slight difference in the skin. This will secure the shapewear. Try it at your own risk, and always do a patch test before experimenting!

8. Use Rubber Bands

Use Rubber Bands

Yes, you read it right! This is an impressive idea shared by our reader, who uses a butt shaper regularly.

You can attach a large-sized rubber band to the waistline of the shapewear in the right position. The shapewear will stay in place due to the friction of the rubber band! Sounds genius, doesn’t it?

9. Use Safety Pins [At Your Own Risk]

Use Safety Pins

If you find yourself in the middle of a party and really can’t stop your shapewear from rolling down, use safety pins. Secure them along with your outfit without ruining the silhouette. Please take care not to poke yourself!

10. Customise Your Shapewear [Basic Sewing Skills Needed]

If you have basic stitching skills, you can make adjustments to your shapewear and stitch it along with your outfit or bra. You can even try stitching the corners after wearing the shapewear.


Try these simple and easy hacks to stop shapewear from rolling down. And remember, you’re not alone in this journey. Share your tips and experiences with us, and together, we can empower each other for roll-free shapewear.

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