Bra Buying Tips: How to Buy Bra for Heavy Breasted

Handy Tips to Buy a Bra for Heavy Breasted Women

Handy Tips to Buy a Bra for Heavy Breasted Women

Blessed with heavy breasts? Well, you are one among those divine angels who struggle to find the right fit bra every time they go for bra shopping. It is certainly a nightmare for women to buy a bra for heavy breasts. Not many are blessed with heavy breasts. If you have it, flaunt it without the fear of being judged. Here are some handy tips for heavy breast women to buy a convenient bra and flaunt their assets in style.

How to Choose Bra for Heavy Breast?

When you think of bra shopping, the one thing that would pop up in your mind is “how to choose a bra for the heavy breast?”. It is essential to choose the perfect fit bra that would save you from shoulder ache, back pain, and sagging breastsWe have compiled some important guidelines to buy a bra for heavy breasts.

  • List down all the struggles you face with the unfit bra. This would help you choose the perfectly fitting bra the next time you do bra shopping.
  • For people with heavy breasts, support to the breasts is essential.80% of the support comes from underwire and underband of the bra. Check for strong band and straps.

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Which Bra Is Best for Heavy Breast?

The best bra for heavy breast is the one that should give maximum support, upliftment of the breast, and prevent you from gasping for breath. Some bras that are considered best for heavy breast include:

1.  Full Coverage Bra


Full coverage bra covers the entire breast and provides the most support and comfort for the heavy breast. They prevent spillage of breast tissues and come in a variety of plus sizes.

2. Balconette Bra and Plunge Bra


3. Minimizer Bra


Minimizer bra is a type of full coverage bra that reduces breast projection and lends you a slender silhouette.

Just because you have heavy breast doesn’t mean that you will have to sacrifice your comfort. Don’t restrict yourself to certain limited options when you can find varieties in bra for heavy breasts too. It’s hard for women with heavy breasts to find the perfect fitting bra. So, once you find the right one, don’t hesitate to buy more and stock your wardrobe. There is nothing wrong with investing in the miraculous plus size bras for your precious breasts. Check out Shyaway and get your favorite uncompromised plus-size bra with exciting offers!!

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