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How Do You Hide Your Nipple from Showing through Your Dress?

How Do You Hide Your Nipple from Showing through Your Dress?

Nipple pasties are here to your rescue!

So, imagine you wore a nice outfit, a comfortable bra, everything went great and then tadaaa…. your nipples started to show through. There’s nothing like a protruding nipple to ruin a stunning outfit. It’s common though. You try keeping this little wardrobe malfunction under control but there are still moments where things snap. However, with just nipple pasties, you can hide your nipple from showing. 

Nipple Pasties in the 1920s

Interestingly, nipple pasties are in use since the 1920s. They are commonly used by strippers, burlesque dancers and other erotic entertainment to prevent performers from breaking anti-toplessness laws. 

What Are Nipple Pasties?

Nipple pasties are quick adhesive nipple covers that help hide your nipple from showing through your outfits. 

Why Would You Need Nipple Pasties?

  • A favourite everyday bra fails to hide your nipples
  • You don’t want to wear a bra for your backless dress
  • You want to confidently wear low-cut tops and dresses
  • You are a model who’d like to avoid wardrobe malfunctions
  • You are a feeding mom who has to deal with protruding nipples all time

How to Use Nipple Pasties?

It’s straightforward… Press, hold, and secure the pasties covering the nipple and areola by applying gentle pressure.  Silicone nipple covers are comfortable and easy to wear. These covers can be worn with or without a bra. They are reusable if properly used.

Types of Nipple Pasties

  • Single-use pasties
  • Reusable pasties

Quick Shopping Tips

If you want pasties to go with your transparent clothing and baby doll, you can try single-use nipple covers. 

If you want a long-term solution to hide your nipples from showing through, you can choose silicone nipple pasties that are semi-transparent, washable, and reusable. You can wear them under your regular bra and forget about protruding nipples. 

Do you have this in your wardrobe yet? 

Let us know in the comments below!

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