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How Many Bras Do I Need In My Wardrobe?

How Many Bras Do I Need In My Wardrobe?

We ladies own an unlimited wardrobe but limited lingerie to go with it.

Listen up ladies; it is very important to have the right undergarment to look and feel comfortable. I know it’s pretty easy to get lost when the choices are so vast. But with these must-have bras, get ready to say hello to the world of unlimited lingerie.

And I guarantee you, they are worth the investment.

Every day bra

Everyday bras are just like they sound.  These are your go-to bras for all your casual days. An everyday bra can be wired or non-wired, seamed or seamless, padded or unpadded but what you define as an ‘everyday bra’ will completely depend on the style you are comfortable with and the size of your busts.

The important thing is that they support you, provide coverage, disappear under any clothing and are comfortable. But how many everyday bras should a woman own?

The minimum number of bras one needed for everyday use is as follows:

  • at least two bras in nude or the shade of your skin, and
  • one black or any darker shade to cover your bases

Sports bra

A sports bra is a must-have! More than a Must-have it is a necessity. No matter the level of impact and exercise intensity, one must certainly own 1-2 sports bra (maybe even 3) in their wardrobe.

And who says sports bras are only for workouts? That’s not all they’re good for.

Sports bras could be a great alternative for your everyday bras when you run out of one, In fact, they are way cooler than your usual bras when you style it right with your casual outfits.

Multiway bras for tricky dresses

Be it a strapless, off-shoulder, or spaghetti strap, we all love experimenting with new styles.  But do we have a bra that goes along with all these types? If your answer is yes and that you have a clear strap bra, then you’re still old school because they are no longer in fashion.

In that case, Multiway bras or convertible bras are a MUST to own!

These types of bras have detachable or movable straps that can transform into any style you would want. They can be worn

  • strapless
  • crisscross and
  • Conventional

Convertible bras are a perfect addition to a woman’s wardrobe and smart investment as well. At least 1-2 convertible bras should make it to your wardrobe.

Lounge-in or Sleep Bra

There are times when you crave a No-bra moment, but still, you want to wear one. Lounge-in or sleep bras are basically the bras that provide you support and still don’t feel like bras at all. Look for the bras that are

  • Lightweight
  • Wire-free
  • non-padded bras
  • Slip-on cotton bras
  • Seamless

These are an alternative for going braless and intended to lounge- in at home or even to just run errands. It’s a better option to have 2-3 bras for everyday rotation.

Special Occasion bra

Be it a party night or a traditional ceremony, we don’t attend them too often but, it’s good to have  1-2 bra beforehand for those special occasions.

Grab a Nude Stick- on bra that practically goes with everything or treat yourself to luxurious lace bra that adds a dramatic flavor and lifts up your mood.

Now get your lingerie drawer complete with those must-have bras and live like a queen!

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