How to Buy Bridal lingerie For Your Wedding and Ho

How to buy bridal lingerie?

How to buy bridal lingerie?

What is Bridal lingerie?

Bridal lingerie is luxurious underwear. They are designer lingerie with unique patterns and extravagant design elements. It is not only functional but also aesthetically very pleasing. Bridal lingerie can make you look and feel attractive in every possible way. Bridal lingerie sets, babydolls, bridal bras are made with expensive fabrics. Those are lace, mesh satin, silk to name a few. Bridal lingerie gives shape to your silhouette and makes you look more feminine.

What are the types of bridal lingerie?

There is a huge list of bridal lingerie available online in India. Bridal bras, lace panties, lingerie sets with robes, baby dolls, and the choices are endless. Take a quick tour to explore more exotic bridal lingerie.

Why women like bridal lingerie?

  • Bridal lingerie is the prettiest.
  • Women like the touch and feel of the expensive fabrics. Bridal lingerie feels extremely gentle against the skin. Extra soft and breathable fabrics like mesh, lace, satin, silk are used.
  • Bridal lingerie makes them feel more special and unique in their own body.
  • When women wear bridal lingerie they feel sexier and more attractive.
  • It sets the mood for special occasions.

Day time bridal lingerie

Why shapewear lingerie is a must for Indian brides? 

Shapewear helps you achieve the perfect daytime look. Shapewear cinches the waist and thighs and enhances your bust. Wear extravagant heavy sarees, body-hugging partywear with shapewear to look graceful.

What is the best bridal lingerie Online? 

  • There are different types of bridal lingerie and you may get confused while buying. Here is a bridal lingerie guide for you to make your bridal lingerie shopping a breeze.
  • There is daytime bridal lingerie, bridal lingerie for the evening, and honeymoon lingerie to make your bridal lingerie shopping easy and complete.
  • Choose lingerie color, coverage, neckline, strap positions to coordinate with your apparels.
  • Choose a high waist or low waist panties based on your attire. A saree or lehenga needs to be worn with a low waist panty. A wedding gown can be worn with high waist panties, waist cinchers, corsets, etc.
  • Bridal panties are usually made of lace or lace-paneled for a comfy feel and sexy look. Matching the panty color with your apparel is always a good idea.

Why choose bridal bras for special occasions? 

Bridal bras have precision moulded cups to smoothen your silhouette. Bridal bras have medium to high-level padding. It can make any heavy zari work attire drape without flattening your figure. They have underwired cups to give a round shape to your curves. Bridal lingerie has fine cotton lining for all-day comfort and ease. The plunge neckline in the bridal bras allows you to wear any deep neck blouses without showing out the bra straps.

Why choose a bridal lingerie set?

Bridal lingerie set has a bra and panty which are made of the same fabric. It matches the lace and other adornments. Lingerie sets are unique and you don’t have to search for a matching panty or bra because you get both in a lingerie set.

Bridal lingerie for the evening

Think of

lacy camisoles

transparent babydolls

lingerie sets

lace robes.

Sheer bras





garter belts,

body stockings,

lingerie costumes and

crotchless panties

to choose from, based on your likes.

Honeymoon lingerie 

A post-wedding getaway is exciting and loaded with a lot of anticipations. But planning what to pack for a honeymoon can be tiresome. Here we have tried our best to guide you with what lingerie you can take with you for a honeymoon to make your job easy. Bridal lingerie itself is sexy and captivating but honeymoon demands travel plan lingerie.

Here is a list of honeymoon lingerie for a scintillating and sultry honeymoon experience.

  •  Lace thongs- don’t underestimate this tiny piece of lace panty. It is meant to make your butt look sexy.
  • Bralettes- pair with the sexy lace thong to flaunt with zing.
  • Babydolls with g string- pretty, cute, frilly, flowy, call it anything. Whatever it is, it translates to sexy when you wear it.
  • Lingerie set with robe- adorn the cheeky look with transparent bra and panty. Add the final touch with a matching, sheer, barely-there robe!
  • Bikini set- a pair of strappy bikini sets won’t hurt if it is a beach getaway. Don’t forget your sunscreens too.

How many of each honeymoon lingerie depends on the length of your stay. But as a thumb rule, two of each will be enough.

With this guide, you can head to the store to buy your favorite honeymoon lingerie. Take a look here for honeymoon lingerie haul at the best prices.


Lingerie is not just undergarments anymore. There are so many exotic new arrivals in the market every day.  Plan to buy daytime bridal lingerie and bridal lingerie for your evening. Buying honeymoon lingerie is essential as much as your apparel for any intimate getaway. There are many segments of lingerie under different names in the market to make you look super hot and sexy regardless of your height, size, and shape. So you don’t need to stress about bridal lingerie shopping anymore. Order your favorite honeymoon lingerie online. Get your wild fantasies in discreet packaging that will reach your doorstep in time!

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