How to Correctly Gift the Best Christmas Lingerie

How to Correctly Gift the Best Christmas Lingerie for Your Wife?

How to Correctly Gift the Best Christmas Lingerie for Your Wife?

So you have decided to gift lingerie this Christmas? Here is a quick and effective guide on how to choose the best Christmas lingerie. Gifting lingerie for Christmas is nothing new. It has almost become a tradition these days.  

Why You Should Gift Lingerie on Christmas?

Holiday season is about joy, celebration, prosperity, and togetherness. Gifting lingerie for Christmas will strengthen your relationship with your partner. It will definitely add more flavors to your intimate life.  It will fulfill each other’s desires. Gifting your wife the best Christmas lingerie will bond your relationship deeper and stronger. Accolades to men who have understood the importance of lingerie in intimate life. You have landed on the right page to learn the secret on how to choose the best Christmas lingerie.

A Simple and Practical Guide to Gift Lingerie This Christmas

Christmas lingerie guide

I know it is dreadful to even think about where to start and what to get. Lingerie is a sea of intimate clothing apparel. It is a conglomeration of bras, panties, teddies, lingerie sets, babydolls and much more. There are different styles and patterns which serve different functions. There are many lingerie gifts to buy for Christmas.  Lingerie makes the perfect Christmas gifts for girlfriend.

Here Is a Swift Christmas Lingerie Dictionary 

“for men like you who are on the go”

Pick from these as they are sure shot best Christmas lingerie

       1.  Push Up Bra – tantalizing bras to make the breasts look bigger and get more defined cleavage.

       2. Plunge Bra – luscious bras with deep neck, exposing more at the center.

       3. Bralette – slinky lace bras fully or partially transparent. A big hit among women as they are very stylish.

       4. Lace Bra – sultry bras with grandeur look.

       5. Transparent Bra – very sexy bras to bare it all. Women love it for lightweight comfort and no bra feel.

       6. Strapless Bra – luscious bras, strapless stick-on adhesive type bras.

       7. Balconette Bra – sexy bra exposing the top part of breasts.

       8. Babydoll – transparent sexy nightwear with or without wishy-washy robes.

Buying lingerie is not brain surgery.  Patience and proper knowledge will make you a pro at lingerie shopping. Read on further to know more about how to choose the best Christmas lingerie.

Let’s Dig in Deep

Christmas lingerie fitting guide

Let’s crack the code of Xmas lingerie

When you think of a perfect collection of good lingerie every aspect comes down to one thing – size.  If the lingerie is not of the correct size it is of no use to a woman. Hence it is important to know her size like how she knows your shirt size and gifted you that favorite number.    

Go through her lingerie. No other choice.  There you will find another obstacle. There will be an M size sports bra which has a label that shows 34B.  But the bra she uses as daily wear shows a 34 C. Do women use bras of different sizes? Quite possible. 

This is because of the minute to moderate-size differences between different brands.  Note down the size that she uses the most to get the best Christmas lingerie for her.

For eg., if the label says 34 C  her band size is 34 and C denotes her cup size.  This is more than enough to get new lingerie for this Christmas.  Some labels carry size in centimeters. (I don’t know why most of the Indian women used to measurements in inches. But centimeter measurement will help to cover even the minute differences in size.) In that case use Google to convert it into inches,  in case if the brand requires the size in inches.

Hardest Part Is Over!

Brand Variation

Check for that one brand that she owns more. Can you buy that particular brand? NO! Just because she has more in numbers doesn’t mean she likes wearing them. Let me explain.

I have a bunch of lingerie that I used to buy from a particular brand. But recently I purchased from a different brand when I came across their Facebook page.  The products looked nice on the model. I hoped that it would make me look great and visited their site. Bought only a couple of them to try the fit and quality.  I am not the one who buys something because it looks beautiful from the outside and carries a slashed price tag. When it comes to lingerie comfort and durability are important for me.

But guess what! The fit was perfect and they were trendier than my old bras. I immediately changed my lingerie destination. Now I have more numbers in the old brand just because they are not old enough to throw away. So, this might be the case too.

I know what you will ask now? Can I buy the brand which she has only a few and in new condition? NO! Maybe they are new for a reason. You never know when she bought them and left to lie in the deep corner under all the rigs and rags.  Maybe she hasn’t worn it since she got them. 

Lesson: Don’t care much about the lingerie brand she uses.

Know Her Preference

I don’t know why I come across many articles and expert advice saying that a man should know his wife/girlfriend’s “preferences”. She already buys lingerie based on her preference.  Then what difference it would make when a man buys lingerie? Keeping the customized thoughts in the name of “her preference”? So, I say Men! Ignore her preference when it comes to lingerie. (This is only for lingerie since this article is about lingerie) 

Long and short of it, don’t make her think “Oh I wear this type all the time and I got one more this Christmas!”

A futuristic design and unequivocal support won’t disappoint any woman. You are there to surprise her, create the thrill of trying out something new, something she has never worn. How about getting her a zipper print boysshort panty.  

 How to choose lingerie for Christmas

It’s not that only a gift should be a surprise. Lingerie in itself holds elements of unfolding surprise, thrill, and sensation. They say red, green and white are Christmas colors. But it is not necessary that Christmas lingerie should only be any of these colors.  Let colors not restrict your options.

It is an exhilarating moment for a woman when you take control of things. Tell her what to wear in a subtle manner (However, play this rule with caution. Again this rule accounts only for lingerie).  

Think wild to get your wife the best Christmas lingerie this time.  If she already prefers wild things this will only take a turn for the better.

Lingerie Gift to Buy on Christmas

Best christmas lingerie

We spoke to a lingerie expert who owns an online lingerie website to get clarification on this.  It is very helpful for men like you who plan to get the best Christmas lingerie this year. He says, “ While size is crucial in buying lingerie, as a man you can only be particular about it to a certain level. These days online lingerie stores have easy exchange facilities. You can claim a size exchange in a click sitting at your place. Also, you can view a greater number of products. You can compare the designs, type, and price with other products which is not possible in a physical store.” 

He added “by purchasing online you can get the products delivered at your doorstep. You can get it delivered to your workplace to keep the surprise factor alive. Online shops ensure that you get your lingerie delivered in discreet packaging. Some of the online stores even offer gift wrapping choices to make it easier for their customers.”  

One of the in-house designers says, “every piece of lingerie is the best Christmas lingerie for your wife;not only on Thanksgiving or Christmas or New Year but on any occasion.” she adds “women usually like to get in pairs. They usually buy many products at one haul when it comes to lingerie;2 babydolls in different patterns, bras for various occasions like pushup and plunge bras. Because women always like to explore and try new lingerie.”

Final Words for the Man on a Mission

  • Know her size by checking the lingerie she uses
  • Explore the website and buy something trendy and popular among women.
  • Check out new arrivals to gift for Christmas this year.
  • If you need you can combine her preference with your desires. The upshot will be something fresh.
  • We have picked some special colors for women for this Christmas.  Red, white, green and pink. Still, there is no need to follow this color choice strictly.
  • Now hurry up before the holiday products run out of stock!

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