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How to find the right workout tights?

How to find the right workout tights?

Workout tights are as important as a sports bra. You definitely don’t want to wear those baggy pants to the gym and get tangle during your workouts.

Being comfortable while you work out is important, but it is even more important to wear appropriate workout clothes. Wearing the perfect gym wear boosts your confidence and this helps you in enhancing your performance.

To make sure that your workout tights fit your body, consider these tips:

Get the right fit

Be it any kind of outfit, a trial is a must. Move it in the trail room. Wearing the tights and merely staring at your reflection has no use. Walk Jump, Squat, stretch and see how fit and comfortable the tights are.

Avoid wide leg or loose pants that could tangle between your feet.

Make sure the tights fit like second skin and moves with your body. Opt for a breathable, lightweight fabric that has more stretching property to it and absorbs the sweat and offers anti-microbial protection to stay fresher longer.




Find the right fabric

The right fabric can give you utmost comfort that you seek. Look for fabric that can absorb the sweat and helps you keep fresh during heavy workouts.

Never wear clothing made of rubber or plastic, because those fabric don’t get to breathe and keeps the sweat from evaporating.

Cotton is one of the best materials, but the fabrics feel sticky and get wet and heavy as you exercise. Spandex is the new invention that has more elasticity, absorbs sweat and keeps you fresh all day long.


Waistband matters

Waistband is something important when we look for the right fit. Most of the gym tights are made of spandex, which is known for its comfort.

If you do not choose the right fit you might face some embarrassing moments. Your pants might either slip down or it might get too tight that it could bother your concentration during workouts. So, we recommend you to opt for an adjustable waist or just give it a try before you purchase.

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Opt for quality over quantity

This is where we all go wrong. We opt for the cheapest tights, which may appear to do well in the initial days, but in a few months time, they’ll need to replace as they lose their elasticity. Therefore, invest in a good pair of tights that will last longer.


Look for opaque tights

Stretching is all you do during workouts. But when you stretch, the fabric expands and tends to expose some skin. You definitely don’t want to reveal it all, don’t you? In that case, take a stretch test of the fabric and look for the opaque fabric that remains opaque even when stretched.

In general, keep in mind that you don’t want any clothing that gets in the way of your workout.

Hope this will help you find the perfect pair of tights you can’t wait to slip into!

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