The Best Ways to Manage Leaking Breasts While Brea

How to Manage Leaking Breasts while Breastfeeding?

How to Manage Leaking Breasts while Breastfeeding?

How to Stop Leaking Breasts while Breastfeeding?

Using a disposable or washable breast pad or nursing pad is the best way to manage leaking breasts. Breastpads are soft pads that are kept in between your breasts and bra. It absorbs excess milk while you breastfeed.

It is common for your breasts to leak or drip milk while breastfeeding. If you don’t use a proper nursing bra or breast pads, you are likely to stain your clothes. A thick, double-layered nursing bra also helps prevent mess.

Why and When do You Leak Milk from Your Breasts?

  • End of pregnancy
  • Post delivery
  • Breast engorgement
  • Milk oversupply/Breasts too full
  • Breastfeeding on the other breast
  • Hear a baby cry
  • Take hot shower
  • Intimate with your partner
  • No specific reason at all

How to Manage Leaking Breasts?

  • Wear breast pads
  • Breastfeed often
  • Pump breast milk when breasts are full
  • Apply pressure to your nipples to stop the flow
  • Choose double-layered thick nursing bras
  • Wear clothes that hide leaks

What are the Different Types of Breast Pads Available in the Market?

  • Disposable—they are designed to be worn once and discarded.
  • Reusable – they are very cost-effective. You can wash and reuse them again and again.
  • Silicon – they do not absorb but control the flow by applying gentle pressure to the nipples.
  • Hydrogel – they are often used to heal sore nipples.
  • Nipple cups – they are cup-like inserts that collect milk.
  • Homemade nursing pads – they can be made from any item like tissues, old clothes, or even sanitary napkins that fit inside your bra.

Leaking breasts can continue throughout breastfeeding and weaning. If you want to avoid mess and embarrassment, choose a good nursing bra and nursing pads to manage the leak.

What’s your choice? A supportive bra? Gentle breast pad? Or both?

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