Simple Techniques to Keep Breasts Separated

How to Keep Breasts Separated?

How to Keep Breasts Separated?

“A place for everything and everything in its place.” Do you agree with this statement? Well, to lead a happy and organised life, following this saying is a must. It holds true for women’s breasts too! Because, irrespective of age, size, or shape, the breasts must stay in the right place in a woman’s body. If they are too close together or far apart, it leads to problems. In other words, if the breasts are slightly out of place, they can spoil your look. But no worries! Let’s find out what happens when the breasts are very close and the techniques to keep the breasts separated.

What Happens When Your Breasts Are Too Close?

To Avoid Close Breast Issues, Keep Breasts Separated

If you have breasts that are too close together, it can lead to lots of complications. The breasts can rub against each other, causing skin chafing or irritation. They can also cause pain or discomfort. Added to these, breasts that are placed too close can result in an unflattering appearance. So there is a dire need for breast separation.

Well-separated breasts offer the following benefits:

  • They improve posture.
  • They help avoid chest and back pain.
  • Well-separated breasts offer a better look.
  • They are more comfortable.
  • They make you feel confident in any outfit.
  • With such breasts, trying on outfits becomes easier.

Therefore, if you are worried about your close breasts and wish to make them appear separated, fret not! We have the most effective techniques to solve your problem!

Techniques to Keep Breasts Separated

The following tips and techniques will help keep your breasts separated so that you can avoid the “uni-boob” or “mono-boob” effect, where the breasts are very close to each other.

1. Wear Bras with T-Shirt Cups

Wear Bras with T-Shirt Cups

Selecting bras where the apex of the cups connects with the straps helps with breast separation. T-shirt cups are of this type and are quite comfortable too. These are smooth, keep breasts separated, and provide medium coverage suitable for form-fitting outfits.

2. Go for Bras with Narrow but Rigid Centre Gore

Go for Bras with Narrow but Rigid Centre Gore

A narrow centre gore ensures that your breasts are not pushed together, thus keeping them separate. In addition, if the gore is rigid, it means it is non-stretchable. Such rigid centre gores don’t allow your breasts to come into close contact or rub against each other. Therefore, choose bras with narrow but rigid centre gores.

3. Choose Plunge Bras

Choose Plunge Bras

Plunge bras have deep V-shaped necklines. They are suitable for breast separation because the straps in a plunge bra can easily pull on the centre gore. You can wear such a bra with a deep-necked outfit, which will make you look glamorous and also keep your breasts separated!

4. Opt for Seamed Bras

Opt for Seamed Bras

In seamed bras, you can see more depth near the gore. So they are an ideal choice for separating your breasts. Furthermore, the seams offer better support and shape for the breasts.

5. Wear X-Frame Bras

Wear X-Frame Bras

The X or cross frames in these bras serve as separate panels, thus keeping the breasts apart. X-frame bras also offer optimum lift and support for the breasts.

6. Choose Wired Bras

Choose Wired Bras

Wired or underwired bras offer a clear silhouette of two separate breasts. The centre gore sits tight against the breast bone, thereby enabling breast separation. Each breast gets individual support from the bra.

7. Try Breast Tapes

boob tape

Breast or boob tapes are accessories that are sticky (or adhesive) in nature. You can stick them across the breasts, and they don’t show through the outfits. They keep the breast tissue in place. Make sure you wear breast tape correctly and remove them carefully once you are done for the day.

Breast Separation for Ultimate Comfort and Confidence

Keep Breasts Separated for Comfort and Confidence

There’s a necessity to keep breasts separated for ultimate comfort, which eventually results in improved confidence. I hope this blog on breast separation proves helpful in solving your “close breast” problem. Based on your breast shape and size, one (or a combination) of our techniques will assist in keeping your breasts in place. This can avoid much discomfort and help you focus on the work at hand!

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