Athleisure Wear to Keep Pace with the Latest Trend

How to Keep Pace with the Latest Trends in Athleisure Wear?

How to Keep Pace with the Latest Trends in Athleisure Wear?

Keeping pace with the latest trends has become part and parcel of our lives. Be it food, clothing, or gadgets, we try to adapt ourselves to the things and ideas that are new and trendy. At times, following such trends in our daily lives becomes essential both at home and at the workplace. All of us like to be trendy and do not want to be left behind in the race. About clothing, athleisure wear has become a wardrobe staple for many women. So, let’s now discuss how to keep pace with the latest trends in athleisure wear! 

Athleisure Wear

What Do We Mean by “Athleisure?”

Athleisure wear combines the features (or properties) of athletic wear and leisurewear.

Athletic Wear + Leisurewear = Athleisure Wear

Assume that you plan to go shopping and then hit the gym later in the same outfit. With athleisure wear, you can do both without changing your clothes! In short, by “athleisure wear,” we mean comfortable clothing that can be used for exercise/sports as well as for casual use. Athleisure wear is both practical and fashionable. They have been in existence since the late 70s, combining comfort and style.

Properties of Athleisure Wear

Here are the main characteristic features of any athleisure wear:

  • Stretchy fabric
  • Sporty silhouette
  • Moisture-wicking
  • Performance-enhancing
  • Ease of movement

How Can You Keep Pace with Athleisure Trends?

By opting for the latest athleisure wear, you can keep pace with the athleisure trends of this age!

Here are some athleisure trends for 2024. Check them out!


Bright and bold colours are now the “in” thing. Neon hues are currently trending. This burst of colours is rightly called “Colour Pop!” So, ditch your monochrome athleisure clothing and go for eye-catching, vibrant hues!


Animal prints are back, so make it a point to add some to your wardrobe! Geometric prints are also trendy, which means you can get rid of your plain clothes and flaunt some stylish animal and geometric prints!


As far as activewear and athleisure clothing are concerned, choose racerback designs and mesh inserts. Sports bras with these designs are quite “in.”

Now that we’ve seen the hues and designs of the latest athleisure wear, let’s move on to the styles of athleisure wear you can rock this year.

Current Trends in Athleisure Wear

Trendy Tank Top

Trendy Tank Top

Tank tops are always cool! They are a blend of fashion and function. Moreover, they are lightweight and can be paired with various bottoms. Thus, tank tops are versatile athleisure clothing that can even be worn during travel. 

You can flaunt a tank top as it is or as a base layer beneath a jacket. Tank tops are breathable, so they are suitable for hot weather too. Choose a bright-coloured one to look trendy! Pair a tank top with jogger pants, leggings, or any bottom you fancy!

Stylish Sports Bra

Stylish Sports Bra

Sports bras are made out of soft fabric and have moisture-wicking properties. They support your busts during any physical activity. You can wear such a Pair your sports bra with shorts, capri pants, or leggings.

Padded Bra Top

Padded Bra Top

It’s shorter than a regular top and covers your bust. It’s super light and stretchable, making it one of the trendiest athleisure wear. The padding offers extra protection and support for the bust. You can pair the top with yoga pants or leggings.

Chic Hooded Jacket

If you want a layered look with any top, wear a hooded jacket. Some jackets come with pockets where you can keep your essential accessories while exercising. Wear your jacket with any regular top and pair it with jogger bottoms.

Classy Crop Top

Classy Crop Top

Crop tops are always fun, and they elevate your style quotient. The ones you can tie up in the front are all the more fashionable and belong to the category of the latest athleisure wear. Wear a crop top while working out, travelling, or trekking. Pair your crop top with leggings or yoga pants.

Comfy Jogger Bottoms

Comfy Jogger Bottoms

You can wear them while jogging or doing any other physical activity at the gym or outdoors. Jogger bottoms are suitable for travelling as well. Their elastic waistbands offer ample support. To complete your look, pair your jogger bottoms with loose-fitting tees, jackets, or sports bras. 

Fashionable Leggings

Fashionable Leggings

They never go out of style, and that’s why you must have some pairs of leggings in your wardrobe. Wear them for a grocery run or a casual evening with your friends. If you plan to hit the gym, a pair of stretchy, comfy leggings will be the perfect choice! To keep up with the trends, wear a bright-coloured or printed pair of leggings. Pair the leggings with absolutely any top you like!

Win the Race by Keeping Pace with Athleisure Trends

Athleisure blurs the lines between fashion and fitness. You can try mixing and matching your athleisure clothes. While purchasing any trendy athleisure wear, make sure you feel comfy and confident in it because how you carry yourself in your outfit matters a lot. Striding with confidence and a huge smile will add beauty to your looks. So, go ahead and make the best use of the trendiest athleisure wear because there is never going to be a better time than now.

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