Common Mistakes Women Make with Lingerie & How to

Know the Common Mistakes Women Make with Lingerie!

Know the Common Mistakes Women Make with Lingerie!

The right lingerie can totally change your dressing game to the next level but on the other hand, the wrong lingerie may cause serious health issues as well. This is exactly why choosing your lingerie wisely is important. Do you want to discover the effects of lingerie mistakes on Health? In this article, we have listed some of the common mistakes women make with lingerie along with the appropriate solutions for them. 

Bras Mistakes

Listing the top 4 bra mistakes you should avoid.

Bras Mistakes To Avoid

1) Mistake- Wearing an ill-fitting bra is one of the major reason for many of the health including, 

  • Saggy breasts
  • Breathlessness
  • Backpain
  • Skin damage(rashes, skin irritation)
  • Increased risk of breast cancer


  • The bra size differs from brand to brand, therefore make sure to keep an eye on your bra size while buying bras. 
  • Your breast size may actually fluctuate from time to time, especially during puberty, pregnancy, and breast-feeding. Hence, make sure to measure your bra size before every purchase.

2) Mistake- Bra hygiene is something that plays a major role in your breast health. If you wear the same bra continuously, 

  • The sweat and dirt deposited in your bra might chafe your skin. 
  • It might create an unpleasant smell. 

Solution- Make sure to wash your bras after every use. 

3) Mistake– In case you have sensitive skin washing your bra with harsh detergent may lead to skin irritation. Your bras might not also last longer if detergents with harsh chemicals are used. 


  • Use detergents that are bleach-free and alcohol-free
  • If your bras are delicate, using your hands to wash to make them last longer. 

4) Mistake- If you have been using your bra for more than eight months, it’s probably time to change it. Most of the bras begin to wear out with time leading to,

  • Bra straps falling off your shoulder
  • The fabric is not stretchy enough
  • Gaping in cups

All these may lead to saggy breasts because of improper support and coverage. 

Solution- Replace your bra whenever you feel it needs to be changed or every 6 to 8 months

Panty Mistakes

Mistakes Women Make While Choosing a Panty

Your vaginal area tends to be more sensitive than other parts of your body. There are some major panty mistakes that we have been committing unknowingly.  Smart underwear habits can definitely help avoid those mistakes. Let’s have an in-depth look at underwear mistakes you should avoid for good health

1) Problem- Studies suggest that about 40% of people tend to wear the same underwear for more than one day. Re-wearing the same underwear every day increases the risk of vaginal infections due to increased moisture. This may lead to bad odor and acne & skin problems.

Solution- Change your underwear every day. 

2) Problem- Wearing too tight underwear can lead to chafing of the skin and vaginal irritation. It can also give an unflattering look with visible bulges. There is also a higher chance that wearing tight underwear can lead to a condition called vulvodynia(a painful condition). 

Solution- Make sure you wear the underwear that fits you properly. 

3) Mistake- Panties made of silk or synthetic material are not supposed to be worn daily as these are not breathable as cotton panties. Silk or synthetic material tends to trap and retain moisture due to its lower moisture-wicking tendency. It may lead to yeast or bacterial infection. 


  • Avoid wearing silk or synthetic panties. 
  • If you want to wear silk or synthetic panties every day, make sure the crotch area is made of cotton. 

4) Mistake- We all have naturally-occurring microorganisms in our bodies, these may lead to vaginal odor. If you are someone who is more to develop bacterial infections, you can avoid using thongs often. Thongs do not stay in place and tend to slide back and forth easily, hence can easily help the spread of bacteria such as E.coli. Thongs might have more contact with the vaginal and vulval area, therefore leads to discomfort. 

Solution- Avoid wearing thongs for a longer period of time. Choose to wear it only for special occasions. 

5) Mistake- You are more prone to developing a yeast infection if you tend to sweat a lot, hence you must avoid wearing dirty underwear. A warm and moist place is the perfect environment for yeast to grow.


  • Always wear a clean pair of panties.
  • Use panties made of moisture-wicking fabric.
  • Change your underwear twice a day. 

6) Mistake- Using cleaning products that are highly scented and of very high concentration. This may cause irritation or infection to your skin. 

Solution- Use hypoallergenic cleaning products that are not of very high concentration. Use mild detergents and lukewarm water to wash your lingerie. 

Shapewear Mistakes

1) Mistake- Shapewear is in trend and wearing it can help you get the perfect shape. But, wearing shapewear that is too tight can lead to health complications. If your shapewear is too tight, it may result in nerve impingement and decreased blood circulation leading to numbness or tingling in your extremities. 


  • Wear shapewear occasionally
  • Make sure to wear shapewear that is not too tight. 

These are some of the top women lingerie mistakes.

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