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Facts and Myths About Sleeping with Bra

Facts and Myths About Sleeping with Bra

Is Sleeping with a bra Good or Bad?

Sleep is important for various reasons. Getting good quality sleep plays a vital role in your health and well-being. Did you know? The clothes you wear at night can create a big difference in your sleep quality. But is it ok to wear a bra while sleeping? There are a plethora of misconceptions and myths about wearing a bra while sleeping. So here we have debunked some of the most common myths about wearing bras at night time.

Myths about Wearing a Bra While going to sleep

Is sleeping with bra can cancer?

Here we listed the bra myths and scientific explanations-

1. Causes Breast Cancer

This is a popular myth among women that sleeping in a bra may lead to breast cancer. But no scientific research has proved sleeping in a bra causes breast cancer! In 2014 a study was conducted on more than 1,500 women and found, that there is no impact and link between bras and breast cancer risk.

does wearing a bra while sleeping cause cancer?

2. Causes /Prevents Sagging Breasts

Sleeping in a bra causes/prevents sagging breasts is a popular old wives tale. Some think that wearing a bra for a longer period of time can lose the strength of breast tissue and lead to sagging breasts. This is totally a myth, and there are no peer-reviewed medical studies about this.

Genetics, lifestyle, pregnancy and breastfeeding, smoking, and exercise without support are some of the common reasons for sagging breasts.

3. Irritates Your Skin

Sleeping in a cheap-quality bra can irritate your skin. Cheap-quality bras are made with low-quality fabrics and cheap dyes, so there is a high chance of leading to several skin problems. Cheap quality bras won’t let your breasts breathe which affects your sleep quality and also can cause health hazards.

causes skin irritation

4. Disrupts Sleep

Yes, we do agree. Hooks, straps, and underwires in a bra can poke and rub against your skin which can be really uncomfortable and affect your overall sleep quality. If you’re wearing a comfortable bra type, your sleep quality won’t be compromised or interrupted. So choose your bra wisely.

Shyaway sleep bras are made with feather-like breathable fabrics without hooks and straps. Sleep bras are expertly crafted to provide comfort and support while sleeping or lounging.

5.  Prevents Breasts Growth

Myths About Sleeping in Bras

This is one of the popular myths about wearing a bra while sleeping. According to the myth, wearing a bra to sleep restricts blood flow and thus prevents your breasts from growing. But, there is no proven scientific evidence. A good bra that is made of soft fabrics that will not restrict your blood flow and growth of your breast tissue.

Okay, now let’s come to the verdict. Wearing a bra while sleeping is totally up to you. Many women feel uncomfortable sleeping without a bra, as bras became a part of us. However, we recommend you wear a bra while you sleep! Explore our sleep bras collections and grab your favorites for uninterrupted good quality sleep

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