Shyaway Just Released a New Christmas Bra You'll W

Product Review: Shyaway Just Released a New Christmas Bra You’ll Want to Live In!

Product Review: Shyaway Just Released a New Christmas Bra You’ll Want to Live In!

Christmas bra shopping has always been a ritual that most of us look forward to. But, this festive season, Shyaway has come up with the idea of making your lingerie shopping more than just a custom. Especially, our holiday edition is loaded with newbies you can’t take your eyes off!

One among these beauties is this Maroon Moulded Floral Lace Bra from the brand Susie. By the end of this 2-min review, you can no way walk past without adding this to your cart. Let’s get going!

Susie Maroon Moulded Floral Lace Bra

Insights into the Making of Shyaway’s Christmas Bra

Worried about not being able to have a touch-and-feel experience of the product before buying? Here’s everything we could do to bring the product right in front of you. 


How can your Christmas be any short of some glitz and glamour? For this very reason, our bra here is tailored with French lace detailing in a gorgeous maroon. It is soft, slender, and slides over the skin easily. Apart from the lace overlay, the bra has been manufactured with a mix of 82% polyamide and 18% spandex.


The cream-colored cups, as you can see, are moulded, padded and fitted with non-pokey underwires. The perfect blend of these three features offers your busts enhanced shape, support, and lift. So, no matter what your Christmas outfit is, this bra will boost your confidence. 


The cups are designed to give ¾ coverage which is perfect for almost any neckline. That’s something noteworthy about this lace bra. But, if you are keen about flaunting a sexy appeal, you can always opt for a bra with demi cups from our holiday collection.


The light level of padding is just right to make you feel comfortable all day long. So, if you are someone who refrains from heavily padded cups, this could be your right pick. Nipple coverage, a curvy bustline, and augmented support are some of the things you’ll notice while you wear this bra.


We are well aware that your Christmas outfit is more than just regular daily wear. For effortless styling, we’ve made the straps fully detachable. This way you can either criss-cross them at the back or replace them with transparent ones. The shoulder straps also come with fully adjustable sliders for adjusting the fit. 

Apart from these, a stone-studded gore and scalloped edges are some of the other highlights that demand a sure mention. To conclude, there is no way you can give anything less than 5/5 for this wonderful piece of Christmas lingerie.


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