Sexy Honeymoon Lingerie for Indian bride - Lingeri

Sexy honeymoon lingerie for Indian bride

Sexy honeymoon lingerie for Indian bride

Sensational bridal and honeymoon lingerie

I know how it feels to wear sheer lingerie for the first time.  Even the thought of it will make you feel sheepish and will test your confidence. This small read will debunk the myths about sheer lingerie. It will make you break all the barriers. Its time to “throw your modesty out of the window” and enjoy the freedom which you always deserved. “See-through lingerie” exposes your body in the most attractive way.  It is lightweight and comfortable as it is not more than a second skin. Though its called “hot lingerie.

Cute semi-transparent babydoll from Shyaway

Cute semi-transparent babydoll from Shyaway

Can I wear bridal lingerie for every day?

The popular notion is that a woman wears luxury lingerie for sex appeal and to attract men. But, it is a fact that women actually wear lingerie for their own comfort and pleasure. Sheer lingerie is the best replacement for boring everyday bra-panty. It is very soft and breathable you can stay comfortable all day. 

See-through lingerie set from Shyaway will bring out the best in you!

See-through lingerie set from Shyaway will bring out the best in you!

What are the fabrics used in bridal lingerie?

Chiffon, nylon, mesh, net, and various types of lace. Semi-transparent lingerie comes even in a mix of cotton and lace.  

Types of bridal lingerie available in the market

Almost all types of luxury lingerie are available in see-through fabric these days. You can get thongs, G-strings, and even hipster panties in see-through models. No need to say that bras and babydolls are pre-destined to go sheer all the way. Except for sportswear, the sheer is pretty much practical for all types of lingerie.  It has replaced everyday lingerie in many women’s lives.

How does it feel to wear honeymoon lingerie?

I appreciate your curiosity hidden under those blushed cheeks. Wearing sheer lingerie makes you feel sexy and elegant while “showing off some skin”. It enhances your body’s natural beauty and emphasizes your curves. The touch and feel of the soft mesh and lace against your skin will give you an extraordinary feel.  You will love the way the see-through lingerie moves along your body. The rebel in you will love its unrestricted motion. Feel the breeze on your skin pass through the delicate mesh. Let your skin thank you for letting it breathe.  Your apparel will look sleek and a flattened outlook as your lingerie is not bulky.  It is the most comfortable type of lingerie you can ever wear. Bare some skin as well as support your curves the right amount.  It definitely gives the remarkable pleasure of being a woman and makes you plunge into femininity.

Transparent blue lingerie set to feed your femme pride!

Transparent blue lingerie set to feed your femme pride!

Why should you start wearing bridal lingerie? 

Stop bulking up ladies It is “off-trend” Sheer lingerie has become more popular as it is light as air, gives an almost no underwear look, and at the same time provides needed support. Sporting sheer lingerie for everyday use is the current buzz!

Semi-transparent lingerie set of pink lace demi-cup bra and thong is perfect to pair up!

Semi-transparent lingerie set of pink lace demi-cup bra and thong is perfect to pair up!

How to choose honeymoon lingerie?

Fit-pay attention to fit as it decides 80% of your looks.

Match your preference on the level of exposure and the lingerie you pick. Go for semi-transparent if you are buying for the first time.

Check for an underwire. It’s your choice to go for underwire/wire-free.  As for any other type of bra underwired one gives better support. But again check your preference.

Play it contrast-you need not go for mono color. To create more interest you can get lingerie with contrast lace details.

How to take care of your Honeymoon lingerie?

Sheer lingerie is very delicate and can get damaged easily.  Keep them in a cover after every wash as the fabric could get puckered and the undergarments could be damaged while taking out and storing in your wardrobe.

Wash care for bridal lingerie:

Wash your delicate mesh lingerie with mild detergent and only with hands; never use a washing machine to wash your wispy transparent lingerie. Do not wring your sheer lingerie and dry them under shade to prolong life.

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