Shyaway’s #HaveYouDoneIt Campaign Encourages Men to Buy Lingerie for Women

Shyaway’s #HaveYouDoneIt Campaign Encourages Men to Buy Lingerie for Women

According to Shyaway’s #HaveYouDoneIt campaign, 73% of Indian men have never purchased lingerie for women in their lives. Some men think it’s too uncomfortable, and a few others feel there’s no need to know the bra sizes of women. It is the usual norm for a wife to buy underwear for her husband and a mother to buy for her son but not vice versa. In fact, women simply avoid asking for lingerie from men. Be it a father, brother, son, boyfriend, or even husband. Capturing the campaign responses, men have their own embarrassment and are less aware of bra sizing and styles. This social experiment confronts several aspects that are often avoided in social conversation and stereotyped. Despite generation gaps, inequality still exists. Shyaway believes there’s a true need to normalise the process of buying lingerie for both genders. As an initiative, we make it easy for men to buy lingerie for women on our website by providing useful shopping tips and product information.

What Should Men Know About Lingerie?

Before jumping into the actual shopping, here are a few things to note regarding lingerie.

  • It doesn’t come in a standard size.
  • Bra sizing is a big struggle for a lot of women so using the bra size calculator, size chart, and fitting instruction given by the brand is very essential.
  • The bra size of one brand is different from another brand.
  • The size specification of a camisole, sports bra, and beginner’s bra is different from that of a regular bra.
  • Only knowing the exact size will help.

How Shyaway Helps Men to Buy Lingerie for Women? 

The social experiment has shown society to be more open and to normalise lingerie shopping. To create a comfortable environment, we are sharing a few tips and tricks. We hope this will help men buy lingerie for women comfortably and without any confusion.

Step 1: Find Out the Bra Size

The first step in buying lingerie is knowing her exact size. This way, you can make sure she feels comfortable and confident in the lingerie. There are different sizes available on the market, and you need to understand them better. Importantly, your guesswork doesn’t work here. It is better to ask them directly. If possible, you can help them measure their size.

Want More Help?

Watch our bra size calculator are very helpful. In case you buy the wrong size, you can always exchange

Step 2: Choose the Right Colour

Try to keep in mind what your partner prefers. Bright colours, neutral tones, floral designs, animal prints, and so on. There are so many colours available and if you know how to choose the right colour, your task becomes much easier. If you don’t know, just ask. It’s that easy.

Do You Need Help? 

Here’s some help if you need to know the right nude bra for her skin tone.

Step 3: Know Her Style

Understand the various styles available on the market. It can be confusing and distracting the first time. But you’ll get used to it.  The whole intention is to understand the type of lingerie that fits her body as well as the purpose. For example, you will need a sports bra for workout, and so on.

Shyaway’s Advice

Read how to bra style based on the type of breasts.

Step 4: Buy Products 

After following the above instructions, you must log in to or install our mobile app. You can add products to the cart based on size calculations and product suggestions.

Reach Out to Our Experts

If you need an extra hand, talk to our expert team. Our team has professional fitting experts, customer care representatives, and designers to suggest the right product.

Does it sound simple? It is! We have done our part. Now, it’s your responsibility to get involved and try it yourself. As an Indian lingerie brand, we want to spread awareness and encourage both genders to buy lingerie confidently, without any discomfort or embarrassment. Today’s men have stepped forward to buy sanitary products, so why not a bra?

Have You Done It?

Share your thoughts and encourage other men!

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