“Flaunt your baby bump with our incredible maternity lingerie!”

 You’re going to be a new mom. Congrats!

 Every mom-to-be would have dreamt of looking stylish in every maternity outfit with her growing baby bump. We will make your pregnancy incredibly stylish! Shyaway presents an amazing new mom lingerie collection which is astonishingly stylish and comfortable during 9 months of pregnancy plus the postpartum period.

 How do you accommodate your changing body? Your everyday lingerie may cause discomfort and irritation on the skin. So you must-have nursing lingerie for several needs. Maternity bra for moms allows the skin to breathe, is absorbent,  durable, anti-allergic and super soft.

 Are you wondering what bras to wear during pregnancy? Let’s discover the right lingerie for moms that make you feel fit, comfortable all day long. 

The Best Maternity Lingerie for Pregnant Women

 “Have blissful mama days with

Shyaway’s lingerie picks for new moms.”

 During pregnancy, you shouldn’t stop being yourself. There will be a change in volume from pre to the postpartum stage. So you must look for bras which have adjustable straps.

 Read further and learn how to pull off your maternity look with your growing bump throughout every stage of pregnancy. 

 1-4 Weeks – Your Everyday Lingerie

Maternity Bras And Panties

 You require lingerie with ultimate levels of comfort. During these weeks, you can opt for regular outerwear and lingerie. Grab our best lingerie to feel comfortable and cozy during your motherhood.

 What Lingerie- Everyday bra, PJ, t-shirt bra, cotton panty or high-waist panty.

 Pick this alluring and most comfortable everyday bra and seamless t-shirt bra to wear every day and the Pajama set will be your bedtime companion.

 5-6 Weeks- Support Physical and Emotional Balance

maternity pyjamas and Nightwear

 In this period you may feel extremely fatigued, and experience tugging, pulling, or mild cramping or lower backache as your uterus grows. During this time you should pick the comfiest lingerie and nightwear, to feel the soft touch on the skin. 

 What Lingerie – T-shirt bra, camisole, floral everyday bra, cotton panty, PJ set

 T-shirt bra and floral everyday bra for mothers are must-haves and offer ultra comfort, extra support when you work. You can pick camisole and layer up with a shrug or loose cardigan. Bingo you are ready to rock!

 7-11 Weeks – Get Ready for Your Frequent Pregnancy Tests

Maternity Cotton Bra

During these weeks you may undergo a new sense of vulnerability and tiredness and you may visit the doctor frequently. Find the perfect lingerie and apparel to travel without any discomfort.

What Lingerie- comfy cotton bra, everyday bra, stretchy high-waisted briefs, racerback sports bra, camisole, PJ

Style your loose maternity dress with these three main lingerie picks that include comfy cotton bra, sports bra for exercise, camisole for during a day out, PJ for the night!

 12-13 Weeks Pregnancy Glow

Maternity Everyday Bra

On your 70 days, you notice the most attractive thing on the face that is pregnancy glow. Moreover, your hair grows stronger. 

In this period, you would prefer the comfiest padded everyday bra, pick a stylish nightgown for a perfect sleep.

What Lingerie- comfy padded everyday bra, stretchy high-waisted briefs, and nightgown.

 14-17 Weeks-Pregnancy Exercise

matenity Sports Bra

You experience a few symptoms, pains and hormonal changes during pregnancy. 

This is the time to stay happy and comfortable. Grab nursing lingerie which offers both.

 What Lingerie-everyday bra, full coverage bra, stretchy high-waisted brief, sports bra, 

 18-19 Weeks- Pain and Baby Kicking

maternity Nightgown

This is the time when you sense the baby kicking and you say, is that my little one kicking? So you must focus on what type of outfit and lingerie you should wear to stay comfortable.

Loose clothes and stretchable outfits are perfect picks. Don’t miss the lingerie part. Grab comfy bras when you go out, sports bra for maternity workout. Stylish and breathable maternity nightgown is all you need for comfy sleep.

What Lingerie– Nightgown, comfy everyday bra, stretchy high-waisted briefs, Racerback sports bra

20-26 Weeks Maternity Clothing

Maternity Nightwear Clothing

 This is the perfect time to focus on your maternity fashion and lingerie. Your mom-to-be lingerie should be femininely stylish and comfortable. Shyaway launched a new maternity style in nursing nightgowns, sportswear, everyday bra in all sizes and shapes.

What Lingerie -Nightgown, sports bra, stretchy high-waisted briefs, everyday bra

27-42 Maternity Leave (At Home)

Maternity Nursing Bra

This is the period when you might be learning how to sleep, exercise and do other works carefully. Not only that, you may undergo false pain, so comfiest lingerie can be saviour and very easy to slip on. Our maternity bras are uniquely crafted to dress up during your motherhood.

 What Lingerie– Nursing nightgown, sports bra, everyday cotton bra, stretchy high-waisted briefs.

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