X Sustainable Ways To Get Rid of Old Bras and Unde

Simple & Sustainable Ways to Get Rid of Bras and Underwear in India

Simple & Sustainable Ways to Get Rid of Bras and Underwear in India

Bras and underwear are more than just an everyday essential. They boost your confidence and always protect you and your dignity on a daily basis. But when those bras and underwear have outlived you make sure to switch to non-toxic and sustainable underwear. While shifting to new undergarments, every woman’s major issue is what I can do with old bras and underwear? We have answers to all your questions like how to recycle your old underwear and the sustainable ways to get rid of bras and underwear in India.

So, when you are about to dispose of your old undergarments, make sure you don’t throw them out. You can either recycle, reuse, recreate or either donate them to those people who are in need of them. Go after the following simple, sustainable ways to get rid of bras and underwear in India.

DIY Hacks Of Lingerie

1. Reuse

We all know that reusing our old clothes for other projects has a long history but what can one do with their old bras and undies. It is no different from your normal clothes. Before reusing your innerwear for other projects make sure you wash them well. You can reuse your bras and undies with the following simple DIY’s.

  • Pillow Stuffing – If you are into DIY or make your own pillows, you can cut down your undies into small pieces and use them as pillow stuffing. 
  • Future Project – If your old bras and underwear have cute stuff like hook & eye, buttons, zipper or something else you can detach and save them for future necessities. 
  • Mask – Create a simple and stylish face mask using your favourite old bra
  • Shoe Inserts –  If your shoes are too big or uncomfortable to wear then you can use the bra’s removable paddings as shoe inserts.
  • Floral Headband – Instead of buying new headbands, make your headband using the old bra straps.
  • Bags – You can also make your own customised sling bags using your old bras and if you have removable straps in your old bras, you can use them as a handle or straps.
  • Compost – If you have cotton undies, make sure you remove the elastic band and use them in your compost bin. 

2. Recycle 

Rather than letting your bra and undies go landfill, you can send them to bra recyclers and distributors. Many bra recycling companies and distributors around the world gather these non-wearable bras and undies and send them to the textile recycling companies, where they recycle all your old clothes and convert them into new ones. 

Donate Old Lingerie

3. Donate 

If your bras are in good condition and still it doesn’t fit you, you can donate them to those in need. You can donate them to nearby goodwill stores, shelters, other charities that support women and breast, cancer survivors. 

While used underwear donations are completely not acceptable in India, you can follow the above-mentioned eco-friendly ways to dispose of underwear and bras.

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