That feeling when your underwired bra fits just ri

That feeling when your underwired bra fits just right

That feeling when your underwired bra fits just right

These poor souls have always been blamed, haven’t they? Poky, Annoying, misfit, Strangling, every bra problem boiled down to its wired cups. But, why does this happen when those strips of metal are simply there to provide some extra support to your busts?

Is it because you fear these are going to cut down the blood circulation or cause rashes? Well, trust me; your underwired deserve some respect too. After all, it was designed to serve a purpose. Here, we jot down the basic points to remember before you buy one.

Every pushup bra is gifted with wired cups for great lift. But, these are often prone to go wrong mainly because of improper sizing. So, apart from focusing on the band size, take a minute or two to ensure the cups provide a snug fit without gap. Only when your cups fit to a T does an underwire can do its job right.

Most of us forget to adjust our shoulder straps and merely hook the bra as we shop. Here lies the main problem. Stores sell a bra keeping the straps adjusted at a standard length and many a times, there comes a need to adjust them after wearing. And failing to do this may force the wires to strangle the breasts finally making them fall prey for the blame game.

Have a check on the wires. Brace your finger over the cups to detect any pokiness. This simple gesture will corroborate there is nothing to harm your skin. It’s always recommended that you buy a fairly-priced bra to make sure there is good stitching and that the wires are secure in their respective cases.

Be open to small variances in sizing. These days, lingerie designers are experimenting on a lot of different fabrics and cotton isn’t the only sourcing that is done. Right from slender laces to stretchable polyamide, wired bras are pushing their margins. This calls for the need for shoppers to be open to sister sizing as the standard fit may slightly differ with fabrics.

Bras do age. Bras with wired cups are always suggested to get a hand wash done as there are chances that machine washes could damage the intimate. A lot of women complain their bra being awesome in the initial days but as months pass by, the fit gets deteriorated. It is mainly because your bra is aging and it’s inevitable. Break a bond with your old bra and invest in a new wired bra for long-hour comfort.

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