Women's Period Underwear

The Significance Of Women’s Period Underwear

The Significance Of Women’s Period Underwear

What Is Period Underwear?

Women’s period underwear, as the name suggests, comes in handy during or around the time of the month. They look like regular women’s underwear but have layers of absorbent fabric to lock in any fluid without any discomfort. Period underwear aids in the absorption of moisture, fluids, and the maintenance of skin dryness by being period-proof underwear. 

When Can You Wear Period Underwear?

  • Period underwear can be used as an extra layer of protection on days with heavy menstrual flow.
  • When the flow is mild instead of sanitary pads, tampons, or menstrual cups.
  • If the clock is ticking and you’re not sure what minute your period will arrive.


Women's Period Underwear

Period Underwears For Women


How does it help in managing periods?

When the flow is heavy or when one leaves stained sheets in the morning, period underwear can help cover up. Period underwear usually has layers of microfiber polyester to lock in the liquid that flows. The antimicrobial layer in period underwear helps in keeping the microorganisms away and also helps in locking in the odor. Period underwear can be worn instead of panty liners, as they can cause discomfort when worn for a longer period. 

Advantages of using period underwear

  • On days when there is spotting and vaginal discharge, one can opt for period underwear, as it will make sure to keep stains at bay and will not leave any rashes behind.
  • The fear of stains peeking through can be managed with period underwear.
  • It is sustainable and eco-friendly as period underwear can be washed and reused, aiding in managing environmental waste generation.

Ways to maintain period underwear

Period underwear needs to be completely cleaned before storing so that no blood or fluid residues remain that could lead to unsanitary circumstances if used later. It is suggested to use a laundry bag rather than putting the period underwear straight into the washing machine to protect the sensitive layers and fabric.


Ways To Maintain Underwear

Ways To Maintain Your Period Underwear


Do’s and Don’ts with period underwear

  • Use mild anti-microbial detergents to wash period underwear rather than harsh detergents.
  • Use cold water to rinse period underwear instead of steaming hot water.
  • Change the period underwear at least once a day, as staying in the same underwear for an entire day might lead to infections. 

How to remove stains from underwear?

The stains can be removed by running them under water for some time and with the application of mild detergents. When the stains are stubborn, add some salt to the water and apply it to the stained region and rub it for a while. Later, add detergent and wash it off thoroughly.

Period underwear aids in making your period experience mess-free and stain-free. Check out the period underwear that Shyaway has to offer to keep you at ease.

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