Top Three Types of Bra Foam Padding You Must Know

Bra Padding: Three Types of Bra Foam Padding

Bra Padding: Three Types of Bra Foam Padding

The padding of a bra is the material that provides cushioning and support. Bra foams are made from various materials, such as memory foam or PU foam, and can have a great impact on the fit and finish of your bra. The bra foams keep your breasts protected; it’s an essential part of how your bra fits, feels, and even looks.

When it comes to bra foam, there are a lot of types out there, each with its unique strengths. Let’s take a closer look at the types of pads and see what they bring to your bra.

Bra Foam

Types of Bra Foam Padding 

Bras contain foam, as their material is lightweight and not very heavy when placed inside the cup. There are three types of traditional bra foam padding, each with its own set of features. 

1. Polyurethane Foam

Polyurethane foam is the most widely used foam in bra cup production. It is laminated between two layers of fabric. The glue and fabric choice in this foam determines the softness, stretch, and firmness of the bra. The polyurethane foam also varies in thickness; it has thicker foam in the bottom of the cup to provide added push-ups. You can get better breast support and optimise your shape by wearing this type of foam padding. Additionally, this foam will keep you warm in the winter. 

To avoid damage, do not crush or turn these foam cups inside out. The foam looks yellow when exposed to light, similar to makeup sponges. That’s why both sides of the foam are covered with a layer of fabric and not exposed to your skin. 

2. Memory Foam 

This is the same foam used in memory foam mattresses and pillows. A truly custom-fit foam absorbs your body temperature and adapts the shape of your breasts. When your bra is taken off, the memory foam returns to its original shape. 

Bras made of memory foam create a smooth, uplifted, seamless silhouette and return to their original shape without creasing. It is less firm than polyurethane foam, providing a different level of firmness and support. 

3. Spacer Foam

Spacer foam is a distinct type of foam compared to memory foam and polyurethane foam. It is similar to corrugated cardboard and can be very lightweight, comfortable, and super-breathable. If you have sweaty breasts or feel hot, spacer foam is a great choice in hot weather. 

You can identify the spacer foam in the bra by holding the cup between your two fingers and pressing them together. You will feel a temporary collapse of the small air pockets. Spacer foam does not need to laminate fabric on its surface, unlike polyurethane and memory foam. It does not change the colour; white spacer bra foam always stays white. The breathability and lightness make it a very comfortable bra to wear. 

Bra Foam

All bras with the above foam padding need extra care. They should be washed in warm or cold water by hand and not soaked because the glue or lamination holding the top fabric can unfasten. You should hang these bras to dry instead of putting them in the dryer.

I hope you now know the different types of bra foam. Next time you wear a padded bra, try to identify the type of foam used in its making.

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