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What is a push up bra?

What is a push up bra?

What is a Push up bra?

As the name suggests a push up bra will push the breasts up and brings together to create ample cleavage. It adds volume to your breasts. As it comes with padding it makes the breasts appear at least 1 cup size bigger depends on the level of padding.

What is a Push up Bra?

How does the push up bra work?

Push-up bras are made with soft cups with perforated foams for better comfort. Usually, there is extra padding at the bottom or sides of the cups. It will push the breasts up for better support. Push up bras create cleavage by bringing the breasts together. A push up bra gives better support as well as sexy appearance. Push up bras with light padding give a rounded shape to the top of the breasts. Heavily padded push-up bras add volume as well as create elevated cleavage.

Who can wear push up bras?

Push-up bras are a blessing for women with small breast size. It adds volume to their breast up to two cup sizes depending on the padding level. It gives a round shape to their breasts. Small breasted women can wear light, medium, and heavy padded push-up bras depend on their choice.

Women with bigger breasts can wear Push up bras with light padding for good lift and support. They might find heavily padded push bras a little uncomfortable. However, they won’t need heavy padded ones as they don’t need to add volume to their breasts.

How to wear Push up Bras?

Like any other bra,

  • Glide your arms through the shoulder straps and position the bra cups on your breasts.
  • Bend forward so that your breasts plunge into the bra cups nice and perfect.
  • Now straighten your posture to catch the bra band at the back. Clasp your bra to the first hook (loosest hook) at the edge of the bra band. Adjust the hook if it’s too loose. After fastening, the bra band should be parallel to the ground. It shouldn’t ride up at your back.
  • Adjust the shoulder straps using the sliders. See that the straps sit and lie flat across your shoulder blades. It should not be too tight to cause discomfort and shouldn’t be too loose that it fails to hold the cups proper.
  • Now bend forward and swipe your hands inside the cups to tuck your breasts into position inside the cups.

Susie LUSH Lavenderblush Push Up Bra With Back Adjustable Strap

What are the benefits of wearing push up bras

  • Helps to enhance the appearance of your breasts
  • Gives well-rounded shape to the breasts at the top and creates a nice silhouette
  • Adds volume to your breasts
  • Gives better support as it holds up the breasts
  • You can wear push up bras with any type of outfit like formal wear, party ethnic wear. Push up bras create a beautiful shape and while adding fullness to your breasts. Demi and plunge styles are incorporated in push up bras. Wear a push-up bra with bodycon dresses and low neck shirts as the straps are usually wide apart and have a low neckline.

How to buy push up bras from Shyaway?

  • Go to the Shyaway website.
  • Find your correct bra size using bra size calculator
  • Now that you know your current bra size go to the home page. Type push up bra in the search bar located in the top left corner and click enter Or hover the cursor over the bra category in the home page menu. Browse through the drop-down list of different categories of bras.
  • Click on the pushup bra link to go to the filtered down the page of push up bras.
  • Select from hundreds of trendy and sexy push up bras listed in different colors and patterns.
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