You’ve probably heard the terms maternity bras and nursing bras. But, are they the same or are there any differences between the two bras?

You will think that they’re pretty much the same. At least, they both are used by women during their pregnancy and motherhood. So, is there any real difference? Both bras are worn during pregnancy and are often used by pregnant women and nursing mothers. So, are these just some fancy terms that solve the same purpose?

Well, No! In fact, Maternity bras and nursing bras are different. Although there are a lot of similarities between them, there are also differences. For sure both maternity bras and nursing bras are similar in many ways but they solve different purposes.

This blog maternity bra vs nursing bra will help you understand the purpose of the nursing bra and the purpose of maternity bra. Find out so you can find the best bras for your pre- and post-pregnancy.

Maternity bra and nursing bras are two completely related lingerie but distinct, based on the perfect time to wear during the course of pregnancy and after childbirth.

Women’s Maternity bra

What Is a Maternity Bra?

Maternity bras are specific bras designed for motherhood and the period during pregnancy and shortly after childbirth. Every woman will feel the difference in her body during and after her pregnancy. Maternity bras are different from regular bras as they are specifically designed to support the growing breasts and offer the utmost comfort. Maternity bras come with broader straps and extra hook and eye closures to adjust the size throughout the pregnancy cycle. Women wear maternity bras during the first 9 months.

Nursing bras For New mother

What is a Nursing Bra?

Nursing bras are exclusively designed and finely styled for breastfeeding mothers. Nursing bras allow mothers to breastfeed their babies without having to remove the bra. They are specially made to make breastfeeding easy. Nursing bras also accommodate leaky breasts and are suitable to manage an increase/decrease in cup sizes during the breastfeeding cycle. Nursing bras also have broader straps and extra hook and eye. They also have an additional layer to absorb excess milk and also clasp opening for easy feeding.

Maternity Bra vs Nursing Bra

Category Maternity Bra Nursing Bra
Primary Purpose Pregnant Women Breastfeeding Mothers
When to Buy? 1-9 Months of Pregnancy Post Child Birth
Features Broad Straps, Extra Hook & Eye Closure Broad Straps, Extra Hook & Eye Closure, Nursing clasps, Removable Foam Padding
Fabric Cotton, Spandex, Polyamide Cotton, Spandex, Polyamide
Padding Padded, Unpadded Padded, Removable Padding, Unpadded
Wiring Underwired & Wire-free Underwired & Wire-free
Cup Size Available in All Sizes Available in All Sizes
Other Names Pregnancy Bra Breastfeeding Bra, Feeding Bra, Milk Feeding Bra, Baby Feeding Bra
Cup Seamed, Seamless, Dart Seamed, Seamless, Dart
Coverage ¾ Coverage, Full Coverage ¾ Coverage, Full Coverage

Best Bra for New Moms

The difference between a maternity bra and nursing bra is significant. Maternity bra supports growing breasts during pregnancy. The nursing bra helps nursing mothers to breastfeed easily. Having both maternity and nursing bras will keep your breasts in shape during and after pregnancy. As per the top lingerie searches on Google in 2019, millennial moms have searched for breastfeeding bras and nursing bras more than a million times. Explore Shyaway’s maternity lingerie trends to choose the right maternity and nursing bras.