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What’s the Best Way to Put on a Bra?

What’s the Best Way to Put on a Bra?

Bras have become an integral part of every woman’s closet. No matter how badly you want to stay bra-free at the end of the day, the support it provides to your breasts is unmatched. But, the sad reality is that most of us don’t wear a bra the way it should be. In fact, we hardly spend a minute or two to even look into the mirror to make sure our bras fit right. Wearing a bra the right way can bring a lot of difference to the way you look and feel. 

How to Wear a Bra Properly?

In order to learn to wear a bra properly, it is first vital to understand a bra’s anatomy.

Bra Anatomy

Bra anatomy to help adjusting the bra

Bra cups –  A bra’s cups are designed to cover your breasts

Gore – The small portion that connects the bra cups

Side Wings – Flaps that extend from the cups to form the back band

Shoulder Straps – Straps that connect the apex of the cups to the back band

Sliders – Metal/ plastic hardware to adjust the length of the straps

Hook & Eye – Fasteners available at the back of the bra for clasping and unclasping

Step by Step Procedure to Wear a Bra

Step by Step Procedure to Wear a Bra

Step 1: 

Before you begin wearing a bra, make sure the cups are perpendicular to the floor. Now put your arms through the straps. 

Step 2: 

Once the cups cover the breasts completely, gently stretch the bank band and clasp the bra at the back with the help of hooks and eyes. Fasten your bra in the hook and eye column you are most comfortable with. This is the best way to clasp a bra correctly as the flip-and-turn method could ruin your bra’s elasticity. 

Step 3:

Now, adjust your bra straps using the metal sliders so that they don’t chafe or fall from your shoulder.

Bra Fit Checklist

Bra fit checklist to know whether the bra fits correctly

1. Spillage

Bust spillage is extremely uncomfortable and can easily spoil your look. So, it is important to spend a minute in front of the mirror to check if there is a front or side spillage and adjust accordingly.

2. Biting/ Gaping Cups

Make sure your cups don’t bite into your skin. It could be an indicator of wrong sizing. Similarly, there shouldn’t be a gap between your breast and the bra cup. Use the straps and fasteners to adjust your bra and in case you still face the same problem, it is time to remeasure yourself for the right bra size

3. Chafing/ Falling Straps

A bra’s shoulder straps are the ones that bear the heaviness of the breasts. There are chances your straps might dig into your skin or fall off from the shoulder if they aren’t adjusted right. This can lead to neck, shoulder, or back pain in the long run. 

4. Underwire Check

Wear-and-tear can sometimes bring an underwire out of its socket. Run a quick check to see if the underwires are intact after you wear the bra.

Bra Wearing Tips and Tricks

  1. If you find it difficult to fasten a bra at the back, try the front-open bras that can be clasped and unclasped at the front.
  2. Get rid of bra lines at the back by using a bra clip to pin the straps together.
  3. Wear off-shoulder and strapless dresses with ease by opting for tube bras or convertible bras instead of the traditional ones.
  4. Use a bra extender to hide your back band under backless dresses.

Importance of Wearing a Bra Properly

  1. Wearing your bra the right way will ensure that your breasts don’t sag. But, remember that breast sagging can also be due to age, genetic factors, or surgeries.
  2. A well-fitting bra worn right can help you retain the right posture.
  3. Ultimately, any kind of neck, shoulder, and back pain can be avoided.
  4. Finally, when a bra is worn properly, it will boost one’s confidence and complete the whole look.

Spend a few mins to wear your bra the way it should be and go about your day comfortably without worrying about innerwear problems. 

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