Lingerie market in China is bigger than ever and one of the most successful industries and here is why

What makes China a leader in Lingerie market?

China has strong Western influence. Chinese women choose lingerie like western women.  Lingerie is a new way of expression Chinese women spend 10% of their expenditure on underwear. Having said that Chinese women are a lot more conservative compared to French women. Foreign brands customise their products for Chinese consumers to keep them satisfied.

Why China is a demanding country when it comes to lingerie

Adaptation of Western culture

There is more exposure to Western lifestyle in China when compared to India. West has great influence on apparel fashion in China.   India is still in a cocoon stage when it comes to lingerie market. Yet, It is a fantastic sign of exhibiting great potential to grow big in future.

Rising demand from Millennials

Young Chinese women are knowledgeable, well aware of what is in trend and are avid users of social media. In India, except for metropolis and huge cities women are more conservative. They are hush-hush about lingerie in general. There are women who still aren’t aware of the importance of lingerie.

Growing number of working women

Working women are on the rise in China. They have forage for style and crave for comfortable office bras. They are majority in population which has given way to a soaring demand for posh lingerie. These days more Indian women are coming out to work. But when it comes to lingerie the importance they give is much lesser when compared to Chinese women. But it is only a sign that the boom of Indian lingerie market is round the corner. It is a matter of time for all the women come out of their shells.

Online shopping

China’s online retail soared to $1 trillion in 2017. Needless to say that both retailers and consumers have benefited from E-commerce. Shopping lingerie from websites is nothing new for Chinese customers. Both women and men love the privacy and experience they get from online stores. India’s online shopping habit is increasing in the recent years. User friendly interface, attractive product images and privacy bring the customers online.

Changing fashion trends in lingerie industry

Fashion events of International Lingerie brands are very common in mainland China. The external brands showcase Chinese models for their lingerie shows. It helps them to connect with audience. Apart from this the vast usage of social media keep the Chinese women up to date with lingerie trends. Indians are becoming progressive and open-minded. Indian women want to explore and are willing to adapt to new lingerie trends. They love comfortable lingerie. They like how lingerie makes them feel confident and beautiful in their own body. They know that lingerie improves their intimate life.  Yet, Indian women are not well-informed about lingerie. They have inadequate knowledge which makes them lag in brand and size knowledge. This affects the Indian lingerie market in a negative manner.

Foreign Lingerie Brands

In China external lingerie brands represent 60% of the underwear market. Domestic brands are only a few which accommodate only 10% of the lingerie market. And there are no significant leaders when it comes to home brands.

Why foreign brands cannot takeover Indian lingerie market in a million years?

We can name a few successful foreign brands in India. But usually these brands go over the top of a huge population. Their products are very expensive. Brand name can bring them only high end customers. Apart from that these brands know only a handful when it comes to lingerie sizing for Indian women.  Customising lingerie for Indian women is another challenge they face.  It will be difficult to subsist against the domestic brands. Indian lingerie brands are very competitive.  Indian lingerie market was worth around $3 billion in 2017. The prediction is that it will grow to a whooping $ 6.5 billion by 2023. There are many reasons why lingerie business in India is “The thing” right now in the market. There is a growing demand for lingerie in general.

Besides that,

  • Increase in middle class population.
  • Steep rise in the number of independent women from middle class families.
  • Exposure to Lingerie fashion and social media is a non debatable reason for growth.
  • E-commerce and lingerie sales go hand in hand.