Why should I buy saree shapewear? | Saree Shapewea

Why should I buy saree shapewear?

Why should I buy saree shapewear?

What is Saree shapewear?

Saree shapewear is a figure-shaping innerwear. It shapes the back, abdomen, waist, and thighs to give you a mermaid look while wearing a saree. Saree shapewear is a replacement for saree petticoat or in-skirt.  It is able to smooth out your sides and give you perfect curves and a curvy look, unlike a petticoat. You can wear any type of light to heavyweight sarees in shapewear with maximum ease and comfort.

Apart from being a foundation garment for a saree, it applies compression to certain areas and preps your body to look elegant and graceful in a saree, unlike petticoats.  It acts in three ways like a body shaper, tummy shaper, and butt shaper, all three in one!

Saree Shape Wear features

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Why Saree shapewear is better than Drawstring Petticoats?

A petticoat has a string that you have to tie around your waist. It will sometimes become loose and after having a meal it becomes tight and starts to hurt around your waist. Apart from this the string and knot will make your waist look bulky and uneven. The side slit at the waist where you tie the knot in a petticoat can be seen if you wear transparent sarees.

But, shapewear has a wide seamless waistband that fits snugly on your waist no matter the waist size. The stretchable waistband gives enough room to tuck in those saree pleats without looking bulky and uneven on the outside. The elasticated waistband gives enough room to tuck in the pleats of any heavy saree and makes you look slimmer and sexier. It adjusts to your abdomen throughout the day and now you need not skip the delicious dishes at a party and jump to dessert directly fearing your petticoat string hurting your waist.

Flat 40

Flat 40

Shapewear is constructed with molded back which shapes your curves perfectly for the saree to drape in a stunning manner. It compresses your thighs and makes you look like any celebrity that you can imagine in a saree!

A petticoat, even the one for small waist size is crafted with at least 4 gores(the fabric piece which starts narrow at the waist and ends broader at the hemline) think about 6 and 8 gore petticoats which are even bulkier-for you to walk easy and comfortable in a saree you have to carry around a minimum of 3-meter fabric weighing approx 230gms!

A saree shapewear is made of lightweight knitted fabric. It is light as air without any seams. It has side slits at the hemline which makes walking and doing other chores a breeze!

Why buy a Saree Shapewear today?

Saree shapewear is truly a blessing for women in the hectic, modern world. Some women dread even the thought of wearing a saree as they are not confident and fear it would fall out of place. A saree shapewear boosts your confidence by holding the saree in place properly and gives you remarkable shape. It consumes all the tucks and pleats you throw at it and gives you a flatter and smooth look!

It’s time to take all your sarees one at a time from your closet and let them get the compliments they deserve all these days as the shapewear will make wearing saree an inevitable pleasure. Fill Instagram with some refreshing saree pictures!

Can We Wear Shapewear under Saree?

Yes. You can wear a saree shapewear under any type of saree to enhance your curves and to look elegant. Shapewear will keep the saree in place and add glamour to your entire look.

How Do I Choose a Saree Shapewear Size?

You need to measure the size of your hip and compare it with the size chart available on Shyaway.com. Choosing the right size will keep you in shape without any compromises.


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