12 Different Bra Styles for 12 Months That You Nee

12 Bra Styles to Pamper Your Curves in 2022

12 Bra Styles to Pamper Your Curves in 2022

What’s your bra for this month? It’s time to give a makeover to your lingerie wardrobe this 2022. Bring some glamour, comfort, elegance, support, and sexiness to every look this year. You should understand that every bra style is crafted for various purposes. One bra can support you, another one can provide full coverage, and some bras can make you feel sexy. Hence, don’t stick to one bra style. Despite love-hate relationships, women have a unique bond with bras as they are more supportive and boost their confidence no matter what the occasion is. In this blog, you will learn about different bra styles to enhance your curves, so read on!

Pamper Your Curves With The Latest Bra Trends

Shyaway understands that every woman’s bra preference may vary; hence, it has launched different types of bra styles for your body. Like OOTD, we have curated the top 12 bra styles that can heighten your style quotient and also bring new style, look, and better support to your bosom. Here are the latest bra styles to follow!

Wire Free to January 

       Wirefree Bra Style

Gifting comfort to your bosom in the first month of the year is important. Which is why we picked a wirefree bra for you. The wirefree bra is designed by keeping comfort in mind. It will provide gentle support and enhance your natural shape. Shyaway offers high-quality wirefree bras in a variety of prints and colours at unbeatable prices. 

Pushup In February

    Push up bra Style For February

When you enter February, give yourself a chance to push up bras that are specially crafted to lift and support your bust by creating an enticing cleavage under low neck or plunge neckline attires.

T Shirt  Bra in March

    T-shirt Bra Style for March

Never say Never to a T-shirt bra. With its moulded and seamless cups, it will smooth out your shape and provide a sleek silhouette. T-shirt bra is synonymous with invisibility as it creates smooth lines underneath thinnest clothes and has seam-free stitching to vanish under form fitting tops and dresses. Hope, these reasons are ample to pick the most popular bra style-T-shirt bra.

Full Coverage Bra in April

    Full Coverage Bra style

No bra can provide the support, lift and coverage like a full coverage bra.You should not skip the traditional full coverage bra. It is ideal for women with fuller bust and avoids sagging. It is designed to give even support and comfort and avoids spillage. Opt this bra to wear with full neck outfits.

Plunge Bra in May

     Plunge Bra Styles

Say yes to low neck, V-shape and plunge neckline tops, and dresses this May. Plunge bra is the perfect pick to wear with them.It has angled cups to provide support and provide a deep cleavage. 

Bralette in June

       Bralette bra style for June

When you want your bra to be cropped, the bralette comes to the rescue. A bralette can offer supreme comfort and a stylish look. It features a flattering neckline, striking straps, and pretty cup design to wear as outerwear by layering with your favourite jacket.

Sports Bra in July

      Sports bra Style to try in July

It is okay to flaunt your sporty look this June. Sports bras are ideal for any type of workout, featuring breathable padding and moisture-wicking fabric to minimise your breasts’ moments during exercise. Sports bras can be worn as outerwear with jackets.

Balconette Bra in August

       Balconette Bra For August 

This August, flaunt your cleavage. A balconette bra is perfect to wear under sexy low necklines. It is tailored to enhance your cleavage. It will push the bust upward and provide half coverage to create a fuller and rounded look. Balconnette is the best pick if you want more volume in your bust.

Multi Way Bra in September

    Try Multi way Bra Styles

In case you need a multitask bra, It is a must-have bra for your wardrobe due to its versatility. It features detachable straps to style as a one-strap, strapless, criss-cross or more according to your outfit style. Who would not have such an amazing bra in their wardrobe? Get yours now. 

Wired Bra in October

      Wired Bra Style for heavy breasts

When it comes to support, an underwired bra will be your first choice. It has an underwire case to provide poke-free support, shape, and lift to your breasts. It is perfect for fuller breasts as it can provide extra support to heavy breasts. Get your desired round shape now!

Bridal Bra in November

      Bridal Bra style for special occasions

More romance in November this year! Bridal bras are mostly designed with luxury fabrics such as lace, mesh, and satin. Along with your wedding dress, you must own the most gorgeous and sensuous bra featuring a delicate, flawless design to make you look more glamorous than ever. Bridal bras are special bras that can be worn at any special event, such as parties or date nights.

Strapless Bra in December

      Strapless Bra style

As the name suggests, it is the best bra to match with your off-shoulder, strapless outfits. If you want to look flawless under strapless tops or dresses, you must own this strapless bra.

Final Words

It doesn’t matter whether you are choosing these bra styles according to your outfit, breast shape, or occasion. What matters is how you feel while wearing it. Keep in mind that the bra that gives ample support, comfort, and style to your overall look can have a better bond with you than some fancy bras. Fancy bras may not provide the support and comfort that you need every day. Shop these different bra styles for each month online now.

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