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A Complete Guide on How & When to Wear a Stick On/Adhesive Bra

A Complete Guide on How & When to Wear a Stick On/Adhesive Bra

Stick on bras are a must whether it’s a deep-back dress, a backless dress, or a wide neck dress. Stick on bras can go perfectly with any of your dresses and has many major advantages. This article is going to give you a clear picture of how stick on bra works when to wear an adhesive bra, how to wash an adhesive bra, and how many times can you wear a stick on bra and so much more.

What Is a Stick on Bra?

What is Stick on Bra

Before we get into the in-depth conversation, firstly you must know what a stick on bra is. Women usually wear bras in order to support and protect their breasts from major issues such as saggy breasts, back pain, etc. Bras also can enhance your breasts by lifting them up and prevent wardrobe malfunctions. But why stick on bra? Stick on bras are bras that usually do not have straps and are designed to stick on to your breasts keeping them in place. They are literally invisible when you wear any dresses. If you have been ignoring any of your dresses due to visible straps, then you must need stick on bras to flaunt them. Stick on bras are also called adhesive bras and it is nicknamed chicken fillets.

Benefits of Stick on Bra

Benefits of Stick on bra

  • Stick on bras are softer and more flexible than normal bras. So, if you are using a stick on bra it is going to stick on your breasts. They are made of skin-friendly adhesive that can stay put on your breasts without causing any skin issues.
  • Whenever you are using a normal bra, the major problem faced is the visible bras straps. It is a common issue faced by many women around the world and many of us do not like our bra straps to be visible. It can be embarrassing and also can ruin the beauty of your outfit. That is when you choose stick on bras as they do not have straps and you can flaunt any dress effortlessly.
  • The straps of the bras can poke your skin and sometimes may even leave marks on your skin. That is when stick on bras come to rescue. No straps, no probs! Stick on bras concentrate more on your breast area by covering and lifting them up.
  • If you are wearing a bra with straps, the whole weight of your breast and back will fall on to your shoulders. This can totally affect your posture and may even lead to shoulder or back pain. Stick on bras can relieve you from that pain, as its total concentration will be on your breasts without providing much pressure.
  • Stick on bras can provide a better lift compared to normal bras. Stick on bras tend to bring your breasts together lifting them up. This will give your breasts a fuller and enhanced look. So, if you want your breasts to look bigger and fuller then you must opt for stick on bras.
  • Whenever you buy any low neck dress in order to flaunt your cleavage, do not forget to get a matching stick on bra with it. As there is no perfect pair like the stick on bra and a low neck dress. The stick on bra works like magic by bringing your breasts together and creating the perfect cleavage you want.

3 Types of Sticky Bras That Every Woman Should Own

Different types of Stick on bra

Sticky bras come in different sizes, patterns, and types. But we have listed 3 sticky bras that can go with almost any type of dress.

Sticky Push-Up Bra

If you are a person who loves wearing push-up bras for everyday use, then you must try on the sticky push-up bras for backless or low back dresses. Sticky pushup bras have many major advantages as they provide instant enhancement and make your bust look bigger and fuller. Since they are strapless, you do not have to worry about the visible bra straps.

Sticky Plunge Bra

As we all know Plunge bras can be a perfect companion while wearing low neck dresses. But the sticky plunge bra can be more beneficial due to the lack of straps, which enables you to flaunt both backless and plunging necklines dresses by providing the perfect deep cleavage.

Nipple Covers

Nipple covers, also known as petals, are mostly used if you do not want to wear a bra but still don’t want the shape of the nipples to be visible through your dresses. They provide complete coverage to your nipples by hiding them. They give a more natural and seamless look. Nipple covers have adhesives on either side so they stick on to the surface of the skin and provide a smooth finish.

How to Wear a Stick on Bra?

Tips and steps on how to wear stick on bra

One major issue about stick on bras is that if you don’t know to wear them properly it can turn your beautiful day into a disaster. So, make sure to follow these tips for wearing stick on bras to achieve the right look.

  • Firstly, it is always important to choose the right bra size irrespective of the type of bra.
  • Before you wear the sticky bra, make sure there is no sweat, or oil on the surface of your skin as the adhesives may not be effective.
  • Take of the plastic sheet from the bra adhesives and place it rightly on your breasts.
  • Hold on to it for a few minutes until it sticks properly
  • If clasps are present then hold them in place and pull the bra together, this way you can create a nice cleavage.
  • Once the process is over, wait for a few minutes to see if the bra comes off.

How to Wash and Take Care of Your Stick on Bras?

How to wash stick on bra

  • Every time you wear your stick on bras do not forget to clean them at the end of the day to make them last longer.
  • You are not supposed to soak your bra in soap water for a longer time, and you cannot wash it in the washing machine.
  • Your bra might have oil and sweat deposited so in order to clean it, it is recommended to use liquid soap.
  • Take the adhesive bra side and pour hot water on to it.
  • Apply some liquid soap on the surface on the adhesive and rub it gently, do not use your fingernails as it may damage it.
  • Once all the dirt and oil come off wash it again with hot water and air dry it for at least 4 to 5 hours in the sun and do not use a towel to pat off the excess water.
  • The major trick involved to make your bra last longer is to keep the adhesives dust-free. So, always use a plastic bag and cup that come along with it to maintain the stickiness of the adhesives.
  • How many times can you wear a stick on bra? If the sticky bras are maintained well, it can last or 30 to 40 But it may lose its tackiness over time.


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