What is the Average Price of a Bra in India

What’s the Average Price of a Bra?

What’s the Average Price of a Bra?

Look at any online bra store; the average market price of a bra would be around ₹899 to ₹1599. However, some lingerie retailers provide discounts and deals, which make the average price of a bra ₹299 to ₹399. The cost of a bra varies from brand to brand and style to style. Now, is it worth buying bras at this cost? How much should an average bra cost, and what’s the right amount to spend?

What Should You Consider When Looking at the Price of a Bra?

You can get bras for as low as ₹100, but the quality and longevity will not be the same as a bra with a price tag of ₹299 or above. Here are some factors that contribute to the cost of a bra:

Price of a Bra

1. Bra Type

The type of bra you buy defines the average cost of a bra. For example, the cost of manufacturing a moulded or padded bra is not the same as that of a non-padded or everyday bra. The moulds, sizing, measurements, padding, the fabric used, and other parameters add to the cost of the bra. So, different types of bras come with different price tags for a reason!

2. Labour Costs 

Bras are a fine piece of garment that requires a lot of craftsmanship to create. The manufacturing cost of bras and lingerie is always high to maintain quality and standards. The selling price of a bra includes the amount spent on designing, manufacturing, quality testing, and other processes involved during production.


3. Fit

You might have heard many women say they are unable to find the perfect-fitting bra. Lingerie manufacturers spend a lot of time on quality checks and fit checks to provide you with the perfect bra suitable for your body shape or breast type. So, if you are spending a few hundred thousand on your bra, it means you are trusting your retailer, who has invested enough in quality and fit checks.

Fabric Matters 

4. Fabric Matters 

Some brands use cheap materials to balance labour costs. Reputable lingerie brands use the finest quality fabric to craft every type of bra. For example, bridal bras require intricate lace, whereas sports bras demand high-quality moisture-wicking fabric. Using the right fabric for a bra improves longevity and thus contributes to direct costs.

5. Number of Components 

Several components in a bra, such as hooks, wires, elastic, sliders, and multiple laces, increase its price. The small number of pieces in the bra paves the way for a lower cost. So the price of the bra is determined by the added detailing. 

Number of Components 

6. Construction 

The creation and testing of the new bra design takes around 20 months. Various resources are required for different bra styles. Each bra can be made of different pieces and dyed to match the same colour. 

Tips to Get the Perfect Bra for a Reasonable Price

What is the easiest way to get a bra at an affordable price? Explore these tips to get a good idea about choosing the right bra for a reasonable price. 

  • Focus on your priorities and figure out what you want. 
  • Know that you have a variety of options, and choose the right one. 
  • Wait for discounts and sale dates to get bras in various sizes and offers. 
  • Reading reviews helps you know more about the bra. 

Having said that, it is very convincing that the average price of a bra can be somewhere around ₹299 to ₹399. Always keep your comfort, quality, style, and needs in mind before going lingerie shopping.

I hope you are now aware that you must spend around ₹299 for each bra to get the perfect fit, style, and quality. 

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