All About Bow Decorations On Bras

What is the Purpose of Tiny Bows on Your Bra?

What is the Purpose of Tiny Bows on Your Bra?

When you look at a bra, you can see its colour, size, the material it is made of, etc. You will also see its cups, straps, band, and so on. But have you ever noticed the tiny bow located between the bra cups? In many instances, you might not have noticed it at all because women usually wear bras and the clothes covering them in a hurry. But bow decorations on bras have existed for quite some time and are pretty common these days. So, if you have not seen (or noticed) a bra’s bow earlier, just get hold of a bra and take a look at it now.

When you spot the tiny bow, you may wonder why it is sitting there in the first place. And this is exactly the reason why we have come up with this blog. Continue reading to find out the answer to your question, “Why do bras have bows?”

The general idea about bra bows

There is a common misconception that the bow or bow tie between the cups of a bra is just decorative. They look cute, feminine, and symmetrical. These days, most of the bras, including the normal everyday bras in the market, comes along with these pretty bows, which are made from satin or silk.

However, is there more to this bow than meets the eye? Do bows on bras serve a purpose aside from adding cuteness to the innerwear?

Yes, we believe so! In the following sections, we will discuss the significance of the bows on bras in addition to their aesthetic purpose.

History of the bows on bras

In the olden days, there were two main practises that led to the design of bows and bow ties on bras. We guess you are quite excited to know about both of them. So, here we go!

Many decades ago, women in various countries used to wear something known as a “corset.” And this corset had a whalebone, also called a “busk.” The busk was covered by a sheath at the front of a woman’s corset and was held tight to the corset using a bow (those were pre-elastic days). Over the years, women stopped using this busk, which might have been due to force of habit. However, the bow still remains!

Now, let’s take a glimpse at the second practise, which takes us to the days when there was no electricity. Women had to dress in the dark or by candlelight. Since the light was very dim (or there was no light at all!), they had to touch and feel their clothes to know which part of them they were going to wear. By touching the bow on the bra, they could decide that it was the front part of the bra!

Thus, the practise of sewing a bow on the front of a bra or other lingerie persisted over the years and has remained so to this day.

Do bows on bras serve a purpose?

Today, the cute little bow on a bra still has a reason to be where it actually is. And they will hide the seam where the cups of the bra are sewn together. By now you must have got some idea of the purpose of the bra bows. Although there are different reasons why these bows are attached to the bras, they are also designed in different shapes and sizes according to the latest fashion trends

We hope you had a fascinating read on bow decorations on bras. So, the next time you look at or wear a bra, we are sure this blog will come to your mind!

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