All about Customer Experience and Services at Shya

Customer Experience and Services at Shyaway

Customer Experience and Services at Shyaway

Have you heard the saying that it is easier to love a brand when the brand loves you back? Shyaway does just that because our mantra is “Created to Love You.” If you have read our blog, “Grand Opening of Our First Store,” you will know some facts about our newly opened physical store at VR Chennai. In that blog, we talked about our products at large. Now, let’s discuss the customer experience and services at the Shyaway store. Without much ado, let’s begin right away!

Services at the Shyaway Store

Our new store at VR Chennai is a reflection of our hard work and dedication to providing exceptional products and services. We’ve curated an experience that reflects self-love, body positivity, innovation, and customer satisfaction. With every visit, we invite you to discover the perfect blend of comfort and style tailored to meet your every lingerie need.

Customers generally expect the following at a lingerie store:

  • Quality
  • Variety
  • Proper Fit
  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Satisfaction with the services

We take pride in saying we have all of the above in our store. Since we are focusing on our store’s services, let’s look at them in detail.

1. In-House Fit Checking

In-House Fit Checking


As soon as you enter our store, our in-house stylists will inquire about your specific preferences, whether you’re searching for any type of bra, panty, sleepwear, or sportswear. Whatever type of lingerie or clothing you plan to purchase, our stylists will ask for your size. If you feel that your breast size has changed or you are unsure of the size, they will get a size and fit check done. The stylists will also suggest some bra styles, depending on your requirements. 

2. Trial Room Assistance

Trial Room Assistance

Did you pick a beautiful everyday bra but are not sure if it would fit you?

Fret not! We’ve got your back covered! You can use the trial room at our store to make sure the lingerie you have chosen fits you perfectly. During your leisure time, read about same-size bras fitting differently. Whatever assistance you require, consult our stylists, and feel free to express any concerns or queries. Our staff understands that their role is to help you feel comfortable and at ease while shopping!

3. Year-Round Services

Planning to go lingerie shopping on a Sunday but unsure if the Shyaway store will be open? No worries! Our store operates from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. 365 days a year. Feel free to visit us during these hours and indulge in shopping to your heart’s content, even on Sundays and holidays!

4. Kiosk

To enhance the customer experience and services at the store, our knowledge-based kiosk displays information about our products. It also features instructional videos on “how to wear” and “how to measure,” among others. Utilise these videos and easy-to-follow instructions to gain more insight into the products and their uses.

5. Special Delivery*

In exceptional cases, if you need a product that you have seen in-store but the size is not available, we can get it from our warehouse and deliver it to you at VR Chennai.

6. Flexible Mode of Shopping

At our store, we have lingerie, shapewear, nightwear, and sportswear—all under one roof. You can purchase the desired products at our store, or you can go back home and order them online at the click of a button! If you need any special assistance from us for shopping online at Shyaway, we are here to help you with that too!

7. Multiple Payment Options

Multiple Payment Options

At our store, we accept payment through multiple channels, including cash payments. Some customers prefer using cards, while others opt for cash payments. We respect our customers’ choices, and that’s why we offer various payment options. It’s one of the ways we enhance the customer experience and services at Shyaway.

8. Seasonal Surprise**

Before billing, we offer you a scratch card to reveal what surprises await you. In addition to our existing store discounts, you might even uncover extra discounts on the card if luck is on your side! So, keep your fingers crossed! We also provide seasonal offers and discounts, allowing you to take advantage of them during the festive season. Brighten your festivities with our incredible deals and awesome offers!

9. Follow-Ups

“Customer is King!” in every business. Hence, we believe in keeping our customers informed. We make calls to update them on stock availability and keep them informed about the latest offers and seasonal deals. Through our follow-ups, we ensure they never miss out on anything!

Customer Experience at the Shyaway Store

Well, have you gotten the hang of all our products and services? If not, the only way to find out for yourself is by visiting our store at VR Chennai!

However, before you visit us, let us walk you through how a customer has an exclusive lingerie shopping experience with us!

A Warm Welcome!

We are situated on the 2nd floor of VR Chennai, right in the heart of the city’s bustling area. First and foremost, you’ll be charmed by our store’s layout and interior design. The products are arranged in a colourful and eye-catching manner, creating an inviting ambience for anyone who walks in!

Our fashion advisors and in-house stylists greet customers with warm smiles and ensure they have a wonderful shopping experience. They strive to make your shopping experience relaxed and undisturbed, where you feel confident, comfortable, and assured while trying our products. So, feel free to explore the options!

Shop till You Drop!!!

Shop till You Drop!!!

Happy customers are the backbone of every business. At Shyaway, we completely understand this and take all measures to ensure you have the best customer experience and services. We motivate you in every possible way to make you think of visiting our store more often. The quality of our products and services will also keep you satisfied and make you shop till you drop.

You need not have even the slightest hesitation to visit us on the second floor of VR Chennai, where we have our store. Once you do, we’re sure you will come back for more!

*Terms and conditions apply.
**Please be advised that our seasonal offers may end soon, and this may happen without prior notice.
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