Shyaway Store: The Grand Opening of Our First Shop

From Screen to Scene – Grand Opening of Our First Store

From Screen to Scene – Grand Opening of Our First Store

Here’s some exciting news for all women out there! We have opened our first flagship store at VR Chennai. In response to many customers’ requests, we have reached another huge milestone by opening our first-ever physical store on 11th January 2024. Shyaway has always been the one-stop destination for women’s lingerie shopping. Now, at our brick-and-mortar Shyaway store, we have lingerie, nightwear, and activewear—all under one roof!

Shall we spend a few minutes looking at our newly opened store? We are proud to announce that we have come a long way—from screen to scene!

Shyaway Store

Shyaway: Created to Love You Forever!

Shyaway has always served as Indian women’s favourite lingerie brand. “Created to Love You” is our mantra, which we ardently follow. Our Shyaway lingerie store, located on the 2nd floor of VR Chennai, is sure to offer you an exclusive lingerie shopping experience. As a customer, you can enjoy your lingerie purchase without feeling shy or embarrassed about it. Pay us a visit and indulge yourself in buying bras, sleepwear, and sportswear of the right fit!

All About Our Store

To make sure you have a pleasant shopping experience, our store’s interior is designed to be stylish and chic. And what more? You can get a fit check done right at the store! You will also get to know your accurate bra size here. We have in-house fit checkers who will measure you and let you know your correct size using a size chart. With our stylist’s assistance, you can look and feel comfortable in the right-sized lingerie of your choice!

Colours and designs are an important part of lingerie because they can make or break your look. Here are 6 reasons to add more colours to your lingerie wardrobe. We have plenty of hues, shades, and patterns to choose from. So, get ready to go on cloud 9 with our variety of lingerie collections! And, upgrade your wardrobe to the next level with the amazing designs and mind-blowing styles at one of the best bra stores near you!

Experience the Products

All our products are crafted with your comfort and support in mind. So, they are made of smooth fabric that feels butter-soft on your skin. At our lingerie shop, you get to touch and feel our bras and other innerwear and ensure they suit you. You will find them immensely comfortable and supportive because a lot of care and caution have gone into designing every piece of lingerie.

Whether it is an everyday bra or a sleep tee, you can go around feeling comfy and confident in your second skin while doing chores around the house, working at the office, or getting a peaceful night’s rest.

So, why wait? Gear up to explore and shop in the world of soft and smooth lingerie with hoards of breathtaking collections!

Offers Galore!

Many Shyaway products come with superb offers and awesome discounts. Make sure that you avail of them when you are at the store. We have amazing deals not only during the holiday season but also at other times.

If you have any questions or concerns about the offers, feel free to talk to our stylist at the Shyaway store. They will be more than happy to help you get drenched in our downpour of deals!

Shyaway Store Offers

Make it Your go-to Shopping Destination

Our store at VR Chennai is located in a place that’s buzzing with life. However, it is not only for people in Chennai. If you are visiting Chennai from another city, you can allocate some time for lingerie shopping at our store. In fact, you can make our lingerie shop one of your tourist destinations!

We are always ready and supportive to welcome you and help you shop from our extensive collections. Our doors are open from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. 365 days a year. So, you just have to enter to choose your desired styles at amazing prices!

Blow all Your Lingerie Blues Away!

Since our expert staff assists you in finding the perfect size and fit, we are sure you will not face any more bra problems concerning size and fit. You will find our collections unique, elegant, stylish, and durable. Therefore, the Shyaway store is the perfect place to blow all your bra (and other intimate wear) problems and mistakes away. Here are 10 common bra mistakes to avoid.

We want to See That Smile!

Customer satisfaction is crucial for every business. But we love to see customer delight, where you are not only satisfied but also moved to a higher level of delight and wonder with the products and services at our store. We are certain that you have all you need to elevate your lingerie shopping experience at our newly opened store.

When you walk out of our store after your purchase, we would love to see that huge smile on your face. At the end of the day, that’s what matters to us!!!

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