Different Types of Bra Straps You Must Know Before

Know the Different Types of Bra Straps You are Wearing

Know the Different Types of Bra Straps You are Wearing

Did you know bra straps are not meant to carry more than 10% of your breast weight? They come in many variations and have a great impact on the fit, style, and support of your bra. It is not rocket science to understand the different types of bra straps. Some straps have a stretchable back and a static front, and others have the opposite. In a nutshell, every single style of bra straps.

What is a Bra Strap?

It is a narrow or wide band of strong fabric that helps fasten a bra and secure it in place. The bra strap runs over the shoulder and acts like an anchor while providing a little bit of lift. It is also responsible for positioning the breast and keeping the cups in place. If the straps dig or fall, the band is either too loose or too tight to offer enough support. Don’t allow the bra straps to slip off the shoulder because they won’t do their job properly.

Parts of a Bra Strap

Ring – It is a metal or plastic piece that connects the strap to the bra band. It also joins the non-adjustable section of the strap to an adjustable section.

Slider – It is a clip on the bra strap that is adjustable. The slider can be moved along the strap for adjustments.

J-Hook – The bra straps come with a small hook on the rings to create a racerback style. The hooks help you style the bra in different ways. It also keeps the bra strap in place while maintaining the shape you want.

How are Bra Straps Attached to Your Bra?

The two basic styles of attachment are:

  • The Camisole Style
  • The Leotard Style

The Camisole Strap

It is a regular style seen in almost every lingerie, where the straps are sewn at the right angle to the bra wing. There’s usually a 5 CM gap between the hook and eye closure. This style has a rectangle/square back.

The Leotard Style/U Back Strap

This style is often found in everyday bras and t-shirt bras. The strap is sewn along the curve of the wing. It is flexible and gives a pretty ‘U’ shape to your back. The strap attachment is suitable for larger cups and bras with wider wings. In this type of bra strap, you will not feel the weight on your strap. The weight of the breast is evenly distributed all over the cup and band.

Types of Bra Straps Based on the Support

The Centre-Pull Straps

You will see the strap just above the apex of the bra. The bra straps have about a 4-inch gap from the shoulder. It creates a cleavage by distributing the breast tissues towards the centre.

The Wide-Set Strap

The straps are set on the sides of your bra cup. There is a 2-inch gap off your shoulder. It is very commonly seen on balconette bras and demi-cup bras. They provide the best support.

Different Types of Bra Straps Based on Features

Fully Adjustable Bra Strap

It is the most common type that contains a slider to tighten and loosen them. It provides a lot of flexibility, as the slider runs throughout the strap.

Front Adjustable Bra Straps

In this style, the front section of the strap comes with a slider and the back section does not have any adjustments. Sometimes, the slider might end up on the top of the shoulder during adjustments.

Back Adjustable Bra Straps

The front section of the strap is static, but the back section comes with a slider for adjustments.

Sports Straps

They often come with a thick strap and a wider band. These straps provide maximum support during vigorous exercise.

Racerback Straps

The bra strap at the back splits into a Y, V, or cross over the shoulder. These types of bra straps are the perfect result of evolving fashion. If you are looking for a unique structure and extra support, you can go for this style.

Halter Straps

They are like the racerback style, but you will tie them at the neck. It will show off your bare back. You need to choose the right size, or else it can put a strain on the neck.

Waterfalls Straps

Thin, multiple straps of the same or different colours make a waterfall strap. These designer straps are suitable for multi-way styling and will also make your bra stylish and trendy.

Convertible Straps

With convertible straps, you can unhook and hook the clasps of the bra, so you can easily style it as a halter, one-shoulder, criss-cross, cross-front option, or wear it strapless too. They are a must-have in your lingerie wardrobe.


The final option is the strapless bra, so you can go without a strap and get all the support from the band and the bra cup. With the right size strapless bra, you will get a proper fit and wear it under off-shoulder dresses, tube tops and more.

You can always have variety in your wardrobe. Straps can affect your daily comfort, so pick the ones that will give you extra support.

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