Broken Bra Hook Repairs: Essential Tips for Quick

How to Easily Fix a Broken Bra Hook at Home

How to Easily Fix a Broken Bra Hook at Home

Check your bra collections; what do you see? Bras with amazing prints, stylish designs, and the incredibly best ones. Now, what do all these have in common? Apart from making you look perfect, your bras have another common factor: they have hook and eye closures!

Broken bra hook

Apart from knowing which buy new bras from Shyaway, fixing broken hooks is also an option if you are in an emergency and are unable to get your hands on a new one.

Are you ready to fix a broken hook with these DIY ideas, as they only require some household items?

Materials to Fix the Broken Bra Hook

Check out the materials you will need to fix the broken hook.

Hooks and Eye Replacement


Buying a new hook and eye is advisable if the hook and eye closure are fully damaged. You can buy it online or from any other local store. They are easily available in 2X2 or 3X3 set closures.

Needle and Thread

These two items are essential because sewing is the only way to fix the closure. If you’re not comfortable with manual sewing, consider using a sewing machine.

Seam Ripper

A seam ripper can remove broken hooks without ripping the fabric.

Step-by-Step Guide to Repairing a Damaged Bra Hook

You need to be familiar with the exact steps before fixing a damaged hook. Here’s a step-by-step guide to repairing your favorite bra.

Step 1

Use a seam ripper or embroidery scissors to remove the damaged hooks and eye closure seam. Be cautious not to damage the fabric.

Step 2

Carefully rip off the seam and remove the damaged hook and eye closure.

Step 3

Place the hook portion on the right wing of the bra, ensuring it’s inside. Fold the patch with the hook inside, pin it, and stitch the edges without hemming the bra fabric. Remove the needle once the hook portion is stitched.

Step 4

Take the eye portion of the hook replacement. If it comes with an extra elastic strap taking up space on the bra wing, you can cut it to the desired length or sew the entire part based on your preference.

Step 5

Fold and pin the eye portion to the left side of the bra, keeping the eyepiece outward, and sew it. If the elastic is too long, fold it again. The folding may create a small bundle, making sewing difficult, but a sewing machine can be used.

Now, check if the hook and eye fit together when you wear it. Also, ensure the tightness of the stitch by closing the bra.

This should help you fix a broken bra hook. Ultimately, don’t be scared to address bra band extenders to increase the band size. Finally, always ask bra experts and professionals, as there is always a method to repair and replace.

Bra hook malfunctions can happen to anyone. So, whenever caught in a situation like this, face it with confidence. But remember to buy bras from Shyaway to avoid such issues.


Can Bra Hooks be Fixed?

Yes, in most cases, you can fix bra hooks by stitching, sewing, or sticking. However, it depends on your bra’s age and the damage’s severity.

Which Hook is Best for a Bra?

The simple and secure hook and eye closure method is the best option to secure your bra compared to other alternatives.

What is the Hook on my Bra for?

The hook on your bra is designed to secure and fasten your bra.

Can Bra Hooks be Repaired?

Yes, if they have minor damage, you can repair them at home using simple tools.

How Do You Sew on Bra Hooks?

You have to sew it on the wrong side of the fabric with the hooks facing up to facilitate the seam. You can use a zigzag stitch or straight stitch to close the edges.

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