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Bra Hacks for Curvy Women

Bra Hacks for Curvy Women

Are you fed up with your curvy figure? Do you really feel changing something that makes you more comfy in your own self? Try analysing some of the usual problems you endorse and try changing them for a better feel of your own body.


Women tend to lose firmness of their breasts as they get older. Though there are many health reasons summing to it, wearing a wrong size bra will augment the cause. Women who weigh more have the tendency to sag their breasts more…

How to deal with it:
• Get a right size bra to prevent further sagging.
• Choose a lift bra for a perkier look.

Top & Side Spillage

A chest full of flesh may lead to spillage from top and from the sides if you are wearing a wrong size bra. Smaller cups will tighten the edges of the bra contours and they get pierced into the excess flesh leaving a very weird appearance of your silhouette. If your breast type and cup coverage don’t match then enough chances are there for spillage.

How to deal with it:
• For top spillage, get the right size bra that either covers your full breasts or 3/4th of it.
• For side spillage, wear bras that come with side-shaper seams or under wires.

Back Bulges

Not only front, the back of your body also has that tendency to bulge through the under wears. Reasons for back bulges may be because of you wearing a bra that’s too small for you. It may also be due to that Breast type and coverage don’t match.

How to deal with it:
Buy bras with wider backs or power net mesh backs. These provide more support and smoothen out bulges.

Shop Smoothening

The Back Band has a tendency to Ride Up or after removing your bras the back band may Leave Marks on your skin. This is one problem faced by curvy women. It is because of the wrong band size that you are wearing.

How to deal with it:
Make sure your cup size complements the band size and vice versa. Buy bras with sizes matching your sizes and don’t ever excuse on it.

Digging Straps

Straps get dug into your shoulders. This may seem awkward especially when you are wearing off shoulder dresses. Reasons for it may be that your bra is too small for you or that you’re trying to tighten the bra straps beyond comfort levels to help lift your breasts higher. The straps dig in also due to the weight of the breasts.

How to deal with it:
• Buy bras with wide, cushion straps or choose shoulder strap cushion pads.
• At Shyle, we design straps in such a way that the strap gets wider as the bra size increases.

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